Can the network module implement network management?

Posted by sdf on August 8th, 2022

In this era of software informatization, electronic products actually need informatization and system management methods.


One method is usually to apply the TCP/IP address group protocol bundle on the consumer program, but this method requires a large amount of CPU in the process, higher technical requirements for the system programmer, and the stability of the produced product. Also stronger. .ensure


Another way is to use the iot module    . The single end of the network unit is connected to the CPU through serial ports, IO ports, parallel ports, etc. in the processing process, while the opposite end can be connected to the network cable TV (or connected to the community network cable with a coupling transformer).


After that, data mailed by the process processor to the module may be transparently passed to the community, and data you post through the community's personal computer on the module will be transparently forwarded to the processor.



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