In Astrology, Gold Has A Significant Meaning

Posted by Nigam Ashru on August 8th, 2022

Since dawn, gold has been seen as a good omen. Royalty and purity are associated with gold. gold astrology and goddesses are said to revere it as a sacred metal. Indians are one of the world's most significant buyers of gold. It's considered the safest way to invest since gold is recession-resistant.

It is not only for money that gold is sought. Yellow metals also have various astrological properties that may do wonders for a person's health and soul if utilized appropriately. Gold is a universal emblem of purity and is always present during happy events.

Vedic Astrology and The Use of Gold

Wearing gold is considered very lucky in Vedic astrology. A person's astrological chart indicates that gold is the best metal to house the gemstones they should wear. Wearing gold has both perks and downsides.

Every metal has a unique vibrational frequency that impacts a person's physical and psychological well-being. Jupiter, sometimes known as Guru, is related to the metal gold. Knowledge and wisdom are Jupiter's favorite subjects. Jupiter may symbolize life's difficulties.

The planet Jupiter represents women's husbands and children's education. Jupiter's benefits may be brought into one's life by wearing gold. The Sun is also associated with gold. There is an old saying that the Sun is the planet of money. Money, property, and other tangible things are all forms of wealth, but gold is the ultimate store of value.

Astrological Horoscopes and Gold

Gold's influence on a person's horoscope relies on the specifics of that person's horoscope. People born under the zodiac of Aries, Leo, Virgo, and Sagittarius are advised to wear gold jewelry for good fortune. This will assist them in overcoming challenges, enhancing their financial standing, and generally living a better life.

You should avoid gold jewelry if you have a Taurus, Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius zodiac sign. Gold may be worn by those born around Libra and Capricorn, but excessive amounts might lead to difficulty. People with Saturn or Jupiter in their horoscopes in the wrong spot should avoid wearing gold, as it might harm them.

Symbolism of Gold

All Hindu ceremonies include gold. A belief is that gold is a sign of purity and success and that it may bring happiness to any event. Red or yellow fabric or paper is often used to retain good fortune and auspiciousness when it comes to gold.

Seeing gold in one's dreams is considered to foretell a prosperous future. Marital difficulties will be reduced if you wear gold jewelry around your neck. Women's character and resolve are also aided by it. So the Mangalsutra has become the centerpiece of every Hindu wedding. Wearing platinum on the forefinger is a good idea for people who find it difficult to focus. For those with respiratory issues, wearing a wedding band on the finger might help alleviate their symptoms. On the other hand, it's best to avoid sporting a wedding band on your left hand.

It is regarded as a terrible idea to wear gold jewelry below the waist. Silver is excellent compared to gold. This is why it's recommended that ladies wear gold or silver chains around their necks and ankles. Because it might cause mental tension and trauma if it is not avoided. The person's immune system is also boosted by wearing gold jewelry.


Smuggling is the unlawful transportation of drugs and is often brought on by planets inside the horoscope that are weak or otherwise unfavourable. In terms of gold, Jupiter and the Sun are the two planets most closely associated with the precious metal.

Smuggling might be encouraged by having Jupiter in the 8th house of one's horoscope (Gemini). Those that engage in unlawful activities reside in the 8th house. Jupiter represents travel and trade papers in Gemini. When these two traits are seen together, the individual may be engaged in gold smuggling.

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