6 Primary Features of the Healthcare Portal

Posted by CRMJetty on August 8th, 2022

Portal is a revolutionary addition to the healthcare industry. It has streamlined healthcare operations, improved patient experience, automated many healthcare functions, etc. It provides essential features like appointment scheduling, encrypted messages, payment gateways, etc.

With these features, you can secure the patient's data, make a loyal bond, and improve the communication channel between patients and doctors. You and your team can manage activities more efficiently with the portal.

Choosing the right features for your healthcare portal is most important. To help you with the process, I have listed down some major features that you should consider while choosing a healthcare portal.

  • User-Friendly Interface

The poor user interface makes it challenging for patients to sign-up and can lead to irritation, and frustration, and eventually, the patient will never sign up for your healthcare organization.

With Dynamics 365 portal for healthcare, you can ensure that the UX of your portal is optimized. This will lead to smooth navigation and engage patients with initiative design.

  • Mobile Responsiveness

As you know, more and more people are using their smartphones for booking, browsing, shopping, etc. You need to have your healthcare portal mobile responsive so that patients, doctors, and admin staff can access their dashboards, reports, appointments, etc., from their mobile phones. This will cater to their convenience and enhance the overall experience.

Ensure that your features are working perfectly in the mobile device, just like they are on a desktop or tablet. Navigation needs to be smooth; the interface should be easy to access. 

  • Online Registration

Registration is the main pain point for almost all the healthcare organizations. To simplify the process, a healthcare portal can help you with an online registration. With digital forms, you can enable patients to make appointments with doctors instantly without waiting in long queues. Plus, your appointment-making staff will also be free and can use their productivity in some other important work.

In this form, they need to fill in all the details like the problem, past health problems, medications they are on (if any), allergies, age, gender, etc. You can customize the form to make it more valuable and informative.

  • Encrypted Messaging

You should never compromise on data security, as compromising sensitive data of your healthcare organization can lead to hazardous results. With a healthcare portal, you can encrypt messages to avoid any hacking or such malicious activity. With features like role-based access, you can limit the access to authorized users, bringing loyal patients to your healthcare organization.

  • On-Demand Healthcare

As the healthcare industry is growing and evolving with the implementation of technology, people are expecting on-demand healthcare services. It takes an hour. So, you can enable healthcare portals to have patients take virtual consultation, home deliveries, online pharmacies, etc. With on-demand facilities, your patients can have healthcare services with convenience, save their time and effort of going to the hospital for every consultation or picking up reports, etc.

  • Online Payments

With portals, you can enable patients to do effortless and secure online payments with multiple gateways. This way, they don't have to visit the hospital to pay bills, as they can do that online with their convenient device.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know which features you need for your portal, you can find a company that provides excellent portals and services to implement a portal for your healthcare organization. This portal can offer you more benefits if you choose to customize it as then it will be made with the features you want, and that contributes to achieving your goals. You can take demos and free trials from some companies before choosing one. 

With the benefits of the Dynamics 365 portal for healthcare, you can enhance the patient experience with utmost security. You can make your staff more productive by cutting off the monotonous work from their schedule and automating most of the processes.

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