How To Better Communicate With Your Counseling Therapist

Posted by Jason Norman on August 8th, 2022

People who seek a counseling therapist in Shrewsbury NJ or where they are, usually feel better for doing so. A good therapist can help support a person through a difficult time and use their skills to help you heal. But sometimes you do not always find a therapist straight away that you feel comfortable with, and sometimes you might come away feeling frustrated at not being able to communicate with them in the way you want to. Here are some tips on getting more from your therapy sessions.

Own your therapy

It is easy to assume your therapist has all the solutions and answers and then when things are not working to say that it must be their fault. You might not want to ask questions about the treatment or discuss your concerns. But your counseling therapist in Manasquan NJ is just a human being too and has flaws just like anyone. But it is your responsibility to take ownership of your therapy and to be an active part of the process. That means talking if you think something is not working.

Have an idea of what you want to say about your concerns

In order to know what you want to say it can help to prepare beforehand. Write down your concerns and questions and plan how you want to talk about them with your counseling therapist in Shrewsbury NJ. When you have written it out review it and then consider how you are going to start the conversation. Think about your tone as being accusatory is not going to get the best results from that talk.

Remain calm where you can

As mentioned just as important in what you say is also how you say it. Staying as calm as possible is going to lead to a more productive discussion about your concerns. Of course, you have strong feelings about it, but letting those rule the conversation can prevent any kind of constructive interactions. You and your therapist want the same thing. So you need to see yourselves as a team working to help you achieve the personal goals you have.

What can you do if you do not agree with your therapist?

If your therapist is not compromising or changing their approach for your therapy and you still do not agree with this, you then have two options. You could find another counseling therapist in Manasquan NJ and that is perfectly fine, sometimes when one therapist does not work out it is normal to move on and find another. But the other option is to get another opinion. This means you and the therapist invite another professional to the next session as a consultant. They will offer a fresh perspective for you and your therapist, and with their help, you can work to get past the impasse you are at to a point where you are both happy again. Then they would remove themselves from your therapy sessions and you and your original therapist can go back to normal.

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