Talking About Low Space and Then Getting a Dining Table 6 Seater – Would That Be Hypocrisy?

Posted by Aakriti Art Creations on August 8th, 2022

A big (or semi-big) family is incomplete without a 6 Seater Dining Set in Teakwood. But what if there’s a space constraint?

And as for the elephant in the room, does frowning on a low floor area and then getting a dining table for 6, make you a hypocrite?

Well, you can always ignore such opinions, or manage with a small dining table. But what if we told you that you can still get a comfortable dining experience, without doing any of that?

There are plenty of compact dining tables that fit in small spaces but are still suitable for 6 people. Here are a few favorite designs we can suggest wholeheartedly.

Round Dining Table

A typical rectangular 6 Seater Dining Set size is 36 inches in width and 60 inches in length. Get any smaller, and an awkward situation is sure to happen, especially when guests are involved.

But a simple walkaround to fit 6 people without taking any drastic measures, would be just to get a round dining table.

These can be wooden entirely, with a glass or a marble top, have a central leg, or regular ones – the list of options is huge.

Dining Table6 Seater With a Bench

One of the newer trends with dining tables is using benches with them rather than chairs. And when it comes to a 6 Seater Dining Set, there is more than just the looks involved.

A bench when used in place of chairs can also save space. And this is a boon if you’ve got a big family that wants to dine together, but a relatively small dining space.

And depending on how comfortable you want dining to be, you may add upholster or just stick with the solid wooden ones.

Folding Dining Table

folding dining table 6 seater is big enough, and at the same time is just the thing you’d want to see in a modern home.

And of course, there is the added benefit of space management, so that the dining table meant to accommodate 6 or more people at a time can be simply folded when you don’t need it.

And the most interesting part? Since the table itself may not be resting on the floor altogether, technically it won’t be taking up any floor space anyway.

Find Any Dining Table Design You Like?

Aakriti Art Creations has curated a special collection of 6 Seater Dining sets for those who believe the best dining experience is one where everyone eats together.

Order dining tables from our website to make sure every dining experience is as good as the meal on the table.

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