Types Of Stairlifts in Chillicothe and Delaware, OH

Posted by customhome1234 on August 8th, 2022

Tackling mobility issues can be tricky, especially when it involves an older adult's health. Sure, being able to move between floors with the aid of an elevator is the best possible solution in such circumstances, but it may not be possible to afford an elevator most of the time. That does not mean that the senior person would have to give up on the home of many years and shift elsewhere. On the contrary, installing one of the best stairlifts in Chillicothe and Delaware, OH, can help in multiple ways.

Connecting with an experienced dealer with a long-standing reputation for superior service is the right way forward. There are several types of stair lifts available for daily use at present. The straight stairlift is the most popular type that can be fitted within an hour or two. The elderly, as well as the disabled, can use it without any trouble too.

The advantages of a straight stair lift are its easy-to-install option and the convenience of no added construction. The mechanical device is fitted along a straight rail that runs parallel to the existing staircase. It comes with a sturdy seat that is convenient to maneuver as well. The reason for its popularity stems from the fact that it is not only simple to install but happens to be the most inexpensive product too.

Some of the other types that may be considered for home use are:

Curved stairlift- A home that is embellished with a beautifully curved stairway will not be able to accommodate the straight stair lift. One would have to consider the curved option that follows the direction of the stairs. The curvature is not the same for all users, thus requiring rail customization. They are hugely expensive and need at least a week or more to be installed by experienced technicians.

Outdoor- These are similar to the straight or curved lifts, with the only difference being in the material used, which is sturdier and resistant to natural elements. These are often used to access the outside of the property or lead to the garden.

Through Floors- The stair lift may pass through a hole in the ceiling/floor to reach the floor just above or below. Individuals who use wheelchairs may prefer it as they cannot pull themselves up to be seated in a traditional stair lift.

People with limited income may find used stairlifts in Columbus, IN, and Cincinnati more suitable for their needs. Used or refurbished stairlifts are usually straight as they require no customization. Buying it from a well-known company however is important to ensure that there is no lack of quality.

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