Gas Flow Controller and Its Benefits

Posted by Priyashree on August 9th, 2022

Gas Flow Controller and Its Benefits       

There are a lot of different technologies that can help in measuring fluid flows, and ultimately, helping with stream management. Liquid flow controllers would usually be used for applications which need constant flow rates and could compensate for changes in the pressure.

Another major advantage of liquid flow controllers is their high precision and reproducibility. As mentioned earlier, one of the key benefits to the implementation of a liquid flow controller is the fact that it automatically compensates the changes of different pressure settings according to the signal of command (or setpoint) given by an operator. Liquid flow controllers have a variety of benefits, including automatic pressure compensation, the ability to be operated either through touch screens or remotely, and universal application in various applications.

Mass flow controllers require that the supplied gas or liquid is in a certain pressure range. Gas MFCs automatically monitor flow rates to a given setpoint. Pressure Reduction Station reduces the pressure of incoming gas lines, making them safer and more efficient.

If the measured flow rate is lower than that required for a device to achieve a setpoint, the signal is increased to further open the check valve. Once the setpoint signal has been adjusted, the device continually measures the flow mass rate and opens or closes the control valve until it has reached the desired setpoint. If the measured flow is too high, then the valve is closed a little bit to limit the flow.

A thermal mass flow controller is designed to provide a steady, precise, and repeatable gas mass flow control that you can count on, every time. In sum, a mass flow gauge or bulk Gas Flow Controllercan be a very basic device for measuring and controlling the flow of gas, or one that you can use for the most demanding applications; but only when you take into account the four main considerations detailed above (flow range, gas conditions, desired precision, and communications).

This type of MFC is a great choice for customers that are using a heat-based mass flow controller or heat-based mass flow meter for different gases, who must frequently switch the gas types, or need re-ranges, preserving the gas measurements and control precision. Intelligent MFC technologies with digital-based flow-control capabilities can help provide more accurate and universal gas flow controls, better analyses, and process problem resolution, and they can also help provide data for bioprocess scientists and engineers, which could translate into better bioreactor operations. By using engineers with MFCs to provide consistent, repeatable, and precise gas flow, bioprocess operations can run runs of processing operations for high-value biological products confident their outputs and yields will not fluctuate as a result of variations in gas flow. Thermo-MFCs are accurate as well as repeatable, accurately controlling gas flows at 2% and 100% of full-scale readings, and at 0.1% resolution.

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