Modern Luxury Apartment Design

Posted by Oliver Hudson on August 9th, 2022

As a result of people downsizing, architects and interior designers such as ourselves are pushing the boundaries with ground-breaking designs that maximise space and style.

​The advantages associated with apartment living seem to outweigh the advantages of a more spacious lifestyle in modern society. Even so, it is sometimes difficult to convert an apartment predesigned to match your vision of a house.

​A luxury apartment design can be a very fluid term, especially when it comes to the concept of luxury. There is no single style or characteristic that can be easily defined. Rather, it refers to the final look that is obtained by merging various components. The final appearance always depends on a person's personal preference.  It embodies a balance of comfort, elegance, quality, and sophistication achieved through its style.

​Let’s talk about apartment designs that meet contemporary needs.


Minimalism has rapidly become a preferred choice when it comes to designing luxury apartments in modern times. Minimalism embraces the philosophy of 'less is more' and strives to convey a bare minimum message in a bold manner in apartment design. This design allows you to create an atmosphere of open space with the addition of only a few pieces of furniture and decorations. There is no denying that a spacious apartment instantly evokes a feeling of luxury and provides a long-lasting feeling of comfort.

​Having fewer items also helps to reduce clutter. This allows one to truly observe the forms and colours that are used. This helps to achieve elegance by using simple forms and colours. As part of your minimalist interior apartment design, it is important to consider the colour palette and textures. A limited colour palette with no more than a few hues can be pleasing to the eye. This results in a more peaceful environment that is less contrasted. As with colours, textures also play a vital part in providing your apartment with a luxurious appearance. A seamless look that embodies luxury can be achieved by selecting only a few textures for each room.

The Importance of The Correct Lighting

A key aspect to consider when designing an apartment's interior is lighting. The lighting of a room is a big component in how we see a space, so the illumination of that space can tie up the rest of the interior design. With the right lighting, you can transform your apartment design from something dull into a photo-worthy setting. The correct choice of light fittings for your apartment can create a refined and elegant appearance and the feeling of living in a luxury apartment.

​In many apartments the doors and windows are pre-designed, so you are limited in your ability to control the amount of natural light that enters the building. Nevertheless, full control of the artificial lights will allow us to create the desired atmosphere. Considering warm lights for an apartment design will give it a luxurious and welcoming vibe– while multiple lights will be used to create layers and zones through contrast. Light fixtures, whether they be chandeliers, lights for your general lighting, or fireplaces, are important aspects of the interior design of any luxury apartment. Well-placed ambient lights provide a rich and dramatic effect, and the use of mood lights increases the comfort of your living space.

Luxurious Hues

Although a neutral palette enhances the cleanliness of a space, introducing a few bold hues can add to the luxurious appearance of your apartment design.  Adding a dash of luxury with a minimalistic palette can be achieved by utilizing colours associated with luxury, but only sparingly. The use of rich shades of hues such as red, royal blue, or even gold can add a touch of class and extravagance to a design. Emerald green and purple are other options which are often used for similar purposes. If you're feeling eccentric, consider a palette dominated by one of these hues to give your apartment a stately touch. After all, nothing indicates luxury better than living like royalty.

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