Installation measures for waterproof connectors

Posted by qinaqians on August 9th, 2022

safety measures

Strictly abide by the welding specifications, the welding temperature requirement is 380°±40°, the working time per cycle shall not exceed 3 times, so as not to damage the waterproof wire connector plastic material fabric insulator, and the torque during the tightening process shall not exceed 3.5N*M.

Demolition of completed projects

The YM connectors can be bundled and disassembled: sequentially disassemble the post-processing, connect the tails, put the housing in place, set the unit with the socket, and put them together.

Thread the cable

The training course handles the routing of the entire backside, connecting the tails, and then designing the solder cup assembly through the entire component.

welding work

Use power soldering metal and solder to solder in accordance with the associated ground, fixed and fairly natural wires. An in-depth functional approach may appear in the tweet: Linkco YM Mode Enterprise Connector Electrical Wiring Tutorial Instructions

Plug settings

Preliminary production of plugs and special fixtures. Tighten addressing by left-hand support clamp plus right-hand wrench. Once the case is tightened, place the wrench inside the retainer to address the case and support the legal right to handle after the wrench is tightened.

connection installation

Mount the wall socket inside the item using the set screw. Tighten the hooks and insert them into each other, then unscrew the fasteners associated with the links.


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