Don't Overlook the Importance of IT Security in Your Company's Success

Posted by CTECH Consulting Group on May 29th, 2016

The importance of having all of your IT security bases covered cannot be overlooked, and Calgary IT consulting experts CTech Group provide companies with the full gamut of cybersecurity coverage. This insures that companies reduce their data-loss liabilities to nearly zero. In this day and age of cyber-attacks by hackers, spyware, malware, phishing, etc., you can't be too careful as a CIO or CISO in making sure that your company doesn't suffer the sometimes extremely costly setbacks that some SMEs do when their cybersecurity is compromised. Are your Calgary technology services up to par in the area of IT security?

What is True IT Support?

We believe the definition of IT Support is having the services of a Calgary IT consulting firm that is truly aware of all possible cybersecurity contingencies and provides them at monthly costs that don't break the budget of a small to medium-sized enterprise. An IT security firm should offer that keyword "support" in every imaginable way. In fiscal year 2015-2016 this has meant new dangers in the realm of cybersecurity, which IT security consulting Calgary, Alberta shouldn't overlook when divulging all the potential calamities to their prospective clients. True IT support must include being savvy as well as realistic, and conveying that to business owners who may shrug at the idea of "full cybersecurity protection," but who need to be shown what can happen when certain contingencies are ignored.

Look at the case of Japan, for instance. They left their doors wide open to hackers and data theft, unwittingly, and now have had to scramble in the last couple of years, having had to appoint special government task forces and spend countless millions of yen to correct the problem of substandard IT security. CTech Group is a Calgary IT consulting outfit that appraises each and every business in a unique fashion, analyzes potential threats, and formulates a cybersecurity gameplan that perfectly fits the needs of that particular SME, startup, LLC, or large corporation. Ignoring a proper cybersecurity plan can cause problems down the road that range from having to spend thousands of dollars to fix, to sensitive company and client data loss, and even hijacking and destruction of proprietary material, intellectual property, and more. Sometimes these costs can go into the many hundreds of thousands and even millions for large corporations--if not met up front with a data security plan that's engaged and effective.

CTech Group is up to speed on ALL contingencies that can affect small to medium-sized companies, and can quickly analyze your data storage and recovery needs, providing virtualization and cloud backup plans, virus protection, encryption, hacker prevention and much more. If you're unhappy with your current IT security consulting Calgary, or you want more out of Calgary technology services, then step up to our standards and meet the future head-on! Letting these issues go, or just hoping for the best, and saying "My company won't be a victim of cyber-attacks or data theft" just won't do you or your customers, employees or their livelihoods any favors. Facing the issue of cybersecurity and its many-faceted requirements for data security is the first step--getting an effective plan in place that ensures you and your company have a future livelihood is the next step.

Plan for the future with proper tech-support where it counts, and deeper, more effective IT security consulting; Calgary technology services via CTech Group gives you the full range of cybersecurity options, and keeps it all within your budget, so you can have affordable peace of mind as you take care of day-to-day business securely.

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