Things to Consider when Planning Loft Conversions in York

Posted by jennycooper on May 29th, 2016

Do your family complain about not having enough space all the time? Would you like to do something about this but you dislike the idea of moving? What would you say about investing in Loft Conversions York that enable you to create more space at an affordable cost? Loft Conversions in York can transform your loft into a practical space, a space that can be used as a bedroom, a playroom or a study room.

Home owners with a Victorian house will be pleased to discover that the L-shape conversion is perfect for them. This conversion will offer you two extra dormers; one will be situated over the roof of the main house and the other one will be above the rear extension. The best part about L-shaped Loft Conversions in York is that they replicate the first floor as far as space and design are concerned. Some conversions enable you to create three and even four rooms and this is impossible to accomplish with other types of conversions. If this option is appealing to you and you want to use your loft on a daily basis you will need a suitable staircase.

The staircase for your Loft Conversions in York should be designed properly in order to save space and at the same time to provide continuity within the home. Nonetheless, when deciding where to install your staircase you will have to consider the following aspects: fire precautions, escape windows and building regulations. Establishing the type of conversion you prefer will not be the only decision you will have to make when building a loft conversion. There are other important aspects that should be factored into consideration: thermal insulation, sound insulation, heating, electrics, windows and ventilation and lighting.

Although experienced contractors will inform you about your options you are the one to decide what you prefer. You will need adequate heating in your Loft Conversions York and it is best to install heating in the room that is build. You can install your existing heating central heating system provided your boiler has sufficient capacity for the extra radiators. Some conversions require electrical alterations; you will have to hire an electrical contractor to see whether it is possible to extend your existing circuit. It is needless to say that you will need adequate ventilation in your loft. As far as lighting is concerned you can choose from ambient lighting, task lighting and accent lighting.

Loft Conversions York are a great investment provided they are planned and built properly. A conversion will create extra space that can be used the way you please, it will de-clutter your home and it will increase the value of your property. As far as the decisions that need to be made are concerned, with proper guidance from experienced builders you will make the best choices.

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