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Posted by Brian Miller on May 29th, 2016

Loft conversions in York are an extremely effective way to increase the space in your home, without having to spend on moving into a bigger house. There are many reasons why loft conversions York are ideal for increasing house space. One of them is that it is less costly than getting a ground floor house extension. Although it is slightly trickier, it definitely costs less. Depending upon the kind of space you have and the kind of design you want, you can get conversions done of any type. Consult a loft conversion specialist to help you out.

There are different kinds of loft conversions in York available which you can consider. One type is the installation of a roof light. The loft conversions York of this kind does not necessarily require you to get a special planning permission for the change. It is seen to be one of the most economic methods of conversion. The conversion is fitted to align with the roof, while keeping the roof structure intact. The roof therefore does not need to be drastically altered and you can choose to go about your design as you like without the threat of breaking down or damaging your existing roof. The windows are installed at the roof angle which allows for plenty of sunlight to sweep the room.

The dormer loft conversions in York are another type. This is the process of adding floor space and extra headroom into the already existing roof. These kind of loft conversions York usually project from the slope of the roof at the back end of the building. It can be designed in several styles. The dormer conversion is ideal if your loft space is limited. Inside the space, the ceiling is made to be horizontal and the space created is more of a box type.

The mansard loft conversions in York are yet another kind of conversion. The mansard roof is one which has double slopes that are closer to each other. The name of the roof is derived from a French architect called Francois Mansart. The greatest advantage of these kinds of loft conversions is that the roof allows maximum space obtainable from the loft. The gable walls on both sides of the property are raised and the desired space is acquired. Now, it can be designed as per the need of the property owner. This kind of conversion is seen typically in older buildings. However, planning permission is definitely a must for such a conversion.

Loft conversions in York have many benefits. Complete conversions ensure that the property value of your homes increases and hence you are able to gain financially if you decide to sell your house in the future. Loft conversions can guarantee extra space and give a sense of newness to an old house. The space can be designed as you please. It is ideal to consult a professional who can help you draw up plans and assist you with the designs of the conversions when you plan on remodelling your house.

A lot of planning goes into loft conversions in York. There are different kinds of loft conversions York ideas to choose from.

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