10 Benefits of Outsourced Audit Support Service for CPA Firms

Posted by Naman prajapati on August 10th, 2022

Audit services are a key aspect of any CPA firm. By providing audit services to clients, you are offering value and mitigating risks for them. But, in many cases, CPA firms find themselves struggling between client communication and actual audit work. This increases the need for an outsourced audit support service.

If you are looking to scale your CPA firm by adding audit services to your accounting offerings in addition to accounting and bookkeeping, or if you want to scale up your capacity to handle more audit clients, using an audit support service for CPA firms is indispensable. 

 1. Cost effective auditing 

It is a myth that audit support services for CPA firms is an additional expense. An outsourced audit support service is an effective way for CPA firms to offer audit services to clients. By nature, an audit is a time consuming and complicated process. With an outsourced audit support service, your CPA firm does not need to have a separate audit department. 

Audit support service for CPA firms means saving a lot of cost by cutting down on expenses that would otherwise have been spent on hiring, recruitment, training, and retaining auditors. By outsourcing audit support services, you can minimize the overhead expenditure, while getting the same or even more expertise.

 2. Scalability and flexibility

As the owner of a CPA firm, your objective or goal is to expand your business and grow bigger. Business growth is measured based on increased revenue and increasing ROI, not headcount. Acquiring new clients and scaling up is not easy for any CPA firm. Along with constant efforts in marketing and customer retention, a CPA firm also needs to focus on providing reliable auditing services to clients.

When you are planning to scale up your CPA firm, you cannot do everything on your own. Even if you hire a team of auditors and marketers, you will need to put energy and time into managing these resources. 

With an outsourced audit support service, you can focus on getting new clients and accommodate a larger workload without panicking in audit and customer relationship management stress.

Outsourced audit support services mean you can scale upwards, remain flexible, and eliminate the stress, tension, and hassles of conducting audits. All you need to do is focus on customer experience and retention.

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