Skyward Summit - An Adventure For Growing Children

Posted by seoservice1 on August 10th, 2022

The balance sheets of all nations are bleeding red ink, assuring with absolute certainty that printing presses will run full tilt, endlessly supplying economies with greater and greater amounts of fiat money. This will boost currency supplies of nations to the point where individual national currencies will become worthless. It would potentially take hundreds of trillions of dollars to be printed. The impact upon economies would result in utter disaster, as hyperinflation consumes everything.

It's been written in history books and there are people skyward fbisd  still alive today who can still testify to Weimar Germany's hyperinflation from 1919 - 1923. Gold's price was at 100 German marks before the hyperinflation started; at its peak the price of gold was at 100 trillion marks. The entire Weimar republic was destroyed.

Hard assets such as gold and silver will positively spiral into orbit when this final scenario plays out. The projected target price on gold within the next 12-18 months is between 00.00 and ,000.00 dollars. Within 3 years gold has the potential of surpassing ,000.00 an ounce. With the sheer volume of money creation expected, massive inflation globally will occur.

Protect yourself and your family by preparing now. If you have not yet started accumulating physical gold and silver, start today. Market prices are still severely undervalued which translates to bargain prices in today's precious metals. Throughout history physical gold and silver have acted as money and as an insurance policy to hedge against inflation, deflation or even hyperinflation and the destruction of paper money.

I'm a baby boomer so I have a natural interest in this group. However, there are reasons why a whole lot of other people should be interested in this population. They have driven the U.S. economy for many years and will continue to do so in various fields for at least a couple more decades. Travel is the next industry that boomers will revive and transform, so gear up for some serious growth.

1) Nearly 86% of baby boomers were born in the U.S., and the states with the highest population of boomers are: California, Texas, New York, Florida, and Pennsylvania. Some boomers will traverse their home states first as they reach retirement; others will immediately launch into broad national and international travel.

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