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Posted by Danyking on May 30th, 2016

With the recent ban wave that has suspended tons of legitimate players and server issues, many players have complained about Blade and Soul for bots, grind, and connection issues etc. What is your attitude? Come and see if those feelings resonate with you. Here Safewow gives a brief analysis about it. For cheap Blade and Soul gold for sale, come to Safewow.

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Issues in Blade and Soul

1.Bots are everywhere over the world in lobbies, in dungeons, in arena, and in friend quests.
2.Players cannot do grinds because there are only one or two places to even be able to get materials or get ripped off by people on the market. Most of them are Blade and Soul gold selling bots.
3.Because of mechanics, players are prevented from getting the things through play.
4.Excessive amount of ingredients are required to upgrade items. That is so rare a drop. Players should fight over the few that drop from the entire dungeon in some weird auction system.

Suggestions to improve it

1.There needs to be some kind of cache of the loaded area. It is ridiculous that players waste over a minute on an SSD to switch between characters that are in the same area or that that are spawning again inside an instance.
2.Blocks should be account based not character based. Why each of players’ alts has their own block list? Why must they block each of other accounts alts? It makes no sense.
3.Server issues and connection issues need to be solved too.

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