Follow these guidelines to choose a decorative aluminum sheet

Posted by xuanxuan geng on August 11th, 2022

Now the aluminum industry is booming, and there are many manufacturers of various types of decorative aluminum sheets on the market, but the quality of aluminum sheets is also uneven. How to choose good quality and good performance aluminum products with less cost? As a professional 4x8 sheet of 1/8 inch aluminum price manufacturer, Huawei is willing to help you. Below is a brief introductory guide in four easy steps.
First, you should check the outer packaging of the aluminum sheet. Good packaging not only shows the strength of the aluminum manufacturer's willingness to spend a lot of money on product packaging, but also shows the manufacturer's emphasis on product protection. It also shows that the production management is very good.
Second, check the surface of the aluminum plate. For a good aluminum sheet, there are no defects such as rolls, black spots, scratches, oil stains, corrosion, surface splits. The plate shape is flat, without obvious bending. The diagonal lines of the single 3mm aluminium sheet price are consistent. The whole aluminum plate is neatly arranged, and the width of each aluminum plate is the same. If the surface of the aluminum plate is covered with a protective film, the protective film should be opened and at least the entire width of the board surface should be checked to avoid covering defects.
Third, you should use measuring tools such as micrometer, measuring meter, vernier caliper to measure the size. Upon request, select aluminum manufacturers' products for evaluation. And choose different measuring tools according to the size of the measured size to measure the thickness, width, length, roughness and diagonal of the aluminum plate. At least three measurement points are selected at a time to ensure that the dimensional or error uniformity of the aluminum plate is within the standard range.
Fourth, you should ask the aluminum sheet manufacturer for a list of aluminum materials. And good aluminum manufacturers test the composition and properties of each batch of aluminum sheet. After the aluminum material manufacturer provides the material list, please check whether the product composition and performance are within the scope of national standards, and note that the material list must be stamped with the official seal of the manufacturer. If there is a problem with the decorative aluminum plate during use, the material list can be used as the basis to test the aluminum plate and raise a quality objection to the manufacturer.

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