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Posted by Bob Smith on August 11th, 2022

In the manufacturing process of the factory, there are tens of thousands of turnover boxes every day, most of which use static paper labels for information management, resulting in untimely information update, increased workload of personnel and easy to make mistakes;

The application of visual electronic paper label can replace the paper card label on the original turnover box; The tag software system and the information management system seamlessly connect the data. The electronic tag receives the instruction information through the gateway base station, and synchronously updates and displays the data information changed in the production process and in and out of the warehouse, realizing the timely and intelligent information, reducing the workload of personnel and reducing the occurrence of errors.

Visual RFID ink screen label

The ink screen tag is a visual passive RFID tag developed by the morning control intelligent Shun in response to the upgrading of today's Internet of things system. The tag also supports high frequency, ultra high frequency and 2.4GHz working frequency. The ink screen supports displaying text, one-dimensional code, two-dimensional code and picture content. The product is equipped with a special tag management client, which can manage the RFID tag content in real time through mobile phones, RFID readers, RFID tablet, computers and other devices, and change the display content of the ink screen in real time. It aims to replace the traditional paper label and realize the paperless, visual and dynamic label.

Visual label application

Product Description:

The RFID tag of the morning control ink screen is equipped with display screens of different specifications to meet the needs of various application environments. It can display the location, content or description of the goods and has RFID function. Combine the real-time reliability of traditional paper labels with the automatic tracking control performance of Internet of things technology. In the industrial, manufacturing, logistics, medical and other environments, the label is placed on the transport vehicle or goods. In the process of inventory taking and goods processing, the client can modify the information stored on the ink screen label and the display content in real time through the on-site RFID reader. In the links requiring manual viewing, the staff can easily obtain the production status and collect various kinds of information directly from the visual UHF tags, or complete specific tasks under instructions by obtaining specific information of shelves or articles, and modify the display information through the UHF reader according to the current situation, so that the staff can quickly respond to emergencies.

UHF ink screen label

Product characteristics

Support passive and semi active (BAP) modes

Support interface: NFC, ble, UHF

User storage: user space can reach 128 bytes

Rich sensing: voltage detection

Wake up mode: key, NFC, ble, UHF

Display content: basic graphics, text, bar code, two-dimensional code, picture, chart collection, electricity

Customized template: the display interface can be customized or customized

Edit control: supports modifying the display content of template control (text, barcode, QR code, icon collection)

Label selection: LED flashes frequently

application area 

Intelligent factory: paperless operation, electronic work card

Intelligent supply chain: goods status tracking and automatic replenishment

Intelligent warehouse: dynamic management of storage space and shelf

Postal sorting: sorting, picking and status tracking

Cold chain logistics: Status and tracking of food and drugs

Special delivery: cold chain tracking of vaccines and drugs

Smart medical: bedside card and drug management

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