This is the most modern method to practice your prayer

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Method of OSRS gold Ensouled Heads. Ensouled heads method

The number of heads required and the cost of these methods is listed below.

Heads of Demons are required: 12.000 heads Cost: 65.000.000

Abyssal demon heads needed: 11.000 heads Cost: 73.000.000

Dragon heads needed: 8.500 Cost: 77.000.000

This is the most modern method to practice your prayer in Oldschool Runescape, this is not as efficient like the methods described above but it's the best method that is available for accounts using ironman. The way to obtain Ensouled heads is by killing monsters within the game. One method to learn prayer with Ensouled heads is by reanimating heads using the spell found in the Arceuus spellbook. You can do this by clicking on the heads of monsters you killed. It is possible to gain experience whenever you reanimate a skull in the ground. You can also play this Bear your Soul mini-quest to unlock Soul bearer which will send unensouled head right into your bank.

If you choose to employ this method, you will be required to cast the reanimate spell when you are near your Dark Altar located in the Arceuus House. This is the most efficient method of training your prayer through the Ensouled heads method due to you being able to buy the heads at the grand exchange instead of obtaining the heads by killing monsters. For this method to work at maximum efficacy, you'll need to teleport near that Dark Altar using the fairy rings method of travel. The code you'll enter is "CIS". In your inventory, fill it with Ensouled heads, and then click the spell to reanimate your head that matches the head you're using. The heads will be alive and you need to take them down again in order to earn the experience. After you have killed all those reanimated creatures, they teleport back to Edgeville bank and replenish on ensouled heads. Repetition this process by going to the fairy ring and inserting the code "CIS" repeatedly. Continue this process until you've attained your desired level of prayer.

Congratulations! Most likely Buy OSRS gold, you have picked the method of getting your desired Prayer level in Oldschool Runescape. However, if it's not decided yet these next sections will provide tips and my personal thoughts on every method mentioned in the previous section.

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