Sleep Mattress Support Cover Options

Posted by qinaqians on August 11th, 2022

The support layer should choose 5-7 springs, the factory mattress direct complete number will not be less than 750, and the thickness of the metal cable will not be less than 1.8-2.4mm, which is more durable.

1. Integral spring. The overall spring is connected in a mesh shape, which has the advantage of being cheap, but the anti-interference performance is poor, and the spring is easily disturbed by friction if it is deformed for a long time.

2. Independent spring. Integral springs are twisted from fabric and then individually attached. The added advantage is that it is robust against interference without any noise. The problem is that it costs a lot.

Sleeping combination suggestions

1. Like delicate rest: independent pocket spring + latex, actual experience of celebrity hotel.

2. Like to rest in hard areas: Palm + full mesh spring, excellent support.

3. Like moderate hardness: memory foam + full mesh spring, more assured.


Choice of mattress size and thickness

How to Decide on Sleep Mattress Filling

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