3 Things That Makes Your Garage ADU Great

Posted by Robert on August 11th, 2022

After you Kon-Mari your whole garage, it is time to call ADU home builders who can it into a beautiful rental property. However, we see a lot of ADUs around neighborhoods which doesn’t look great.

A well-designed ADU should have air and light along with certain other factors which make it a cozy home for someone.

3 Factors That Make a Good Garage Conversion

A corner lot

A side driveway or a corner lot is the best place you can have your ADU. This is because whoever is going to rent out the space would want privacy. Privacy between the conversion and your primary house is very important.
A corner lot or a side driveway ADU would rent out much faster and easier.

Good foundation

If the garage is in a good condition, it is easier on the pocket to convert it. Cracks in the foundation, water leaks or damages, and less footing can lead up to expenses.

If your garage is in a bad shape, it is better to hire ADU builders in Southern California like DREC Construction, who can rebuild the whole thing. It would be a little more expensive for sure, but if you look at the numbers, a brand new ADU would fetch you a generous rent per month.

An outdoor space

ADUs are generally small homes for people. So, it is always better to have access to the outdoor space. If you have a 450 sq foot home, consider building a small patio with space for a little gardening.

People living in California crave that indoor/outdoor living, even in small homes.


A good garage ADU can be a great way to generate extra income for the family. You can capitalize on your investment. Let's get to work today!


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