Find Out 5 Preschool Jakarta Barat With The Best Facilities

Posted by School Experience on August 11th, 2022

School facilities are very important when it comes to providing a student with the best conditions and comfort. Resourceful facilities will always be the main attraction when it comes to your thought process before registering a child of yours to one of the preschools around you. Underneath are five preschool Jakarta Barat with excellent facilities.

1. Global Sevilla International Preschool

Global Sevilla was known for their capabilities in providing only the best facilities for its best students. Although academic understanding is important, young student also needs to improve their motoric learning. Therefore, there are multiple sports facilities offered in this institution, such as a swimming pool, and an outdoor and indoor playground for young students to play together.

2. Highscope Indonesia Preschool

The early childhood education program in Highscope Indonesia offers you facilities that will improve a child's capabilities. For example, children will be taught how to self-tend when it comes to easier tasks, like putting materials in an accessible area. In this preschool Jakarta Barat, a student will grasp the idea of how to become an independent person from a young age.

3. Ladybird Preschool, Kindergarten English Activity Center

Located in Taman Kedoya Baru, Jakarta Barat, this institution prepares some highly functioning facilities. There will be safe sand and water areas with an emphasis to develop your child's sensory ability in a fun way. A unique facility is also available, which is an animal corner where the students can connect to nature by viewing various animals in the school environment.

4. Bright Stars Preschool

Living in a technologically advanced world, it has been Bright Star's priority to provide their children with early learning of computer understanding. This preschool Jakarta Barat owns a large hall called the computer area, where teachers will be supervising students in accessing their computers. They will be able to draw, play mathematical games, and others as one source of fun.

5. Apple Tree Preschool Jakarta

The last preschool in Jakarta Barat with top-tier facilities would be Apple Tree. They provide a more artsy aspect in their facilities such as music and movement. Children will be able to communicate in a group and form a musical team. Some musical instruments are provided, for them to be introduced to multiple types of instruments and improve their confidence in handling them.

Global Sevilla preschool offers the most comprehensive facilities. From every factor like building better motoric skills for young students through either sports facilities or other resources that might increase their wellbeing in the school area. Global Sevilla has succeeded in contributing the best facilities out of other preschools in Jakarta Barat.

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