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Posted by CabinetekMI on August 11th, 2022

Designing suitable kitchen cabinets can be a challenging task. For great cabinet design, clients must hire a professional kitchen cabinet designer. The designer will listen to them, provide ideas, and weigh challenges. The experts will duly supervise the entire process, from planning to installation. Hiring a kitchen cabinet design specialist to help with kitchen layout does not imply giving up control of new-kitchen aspirations. It entails entrusting those fantasies to someone who can implement them in reality.

Here are some great benefits of custom cabinets and how they can enhance the space in a custom kitchen design.

Achieve the Exact Look: 

The most significant disadvantage of acquiring cabinets from a vendor is the limited design options. The control over the design process may be compromised even when dealing with a company that offers a wide range of materials and designs.

With custom cabinets, one can design the perfect cabinets for their need. From the materials used to supporting elements, clients will have the flexibility of choosing the materials. Thus, the client can enjoy a consistent theme throughout with the details desired. 

Consider hiring a kitchen cabinet designer to know more about the kitchen design process and different types of kitchen cabinets. They work with the clients to create the desired look. 

Optimize the Storage:

Custom kitchen cabinets in Ann Arbor and Brighton, Michigan, help optimize storage required while freeing up counter space. One can add more storage to an island or other areas where there were previously no cabinets. For example, if there is a kitchen island, installing large drawers can be a great idea to store pots and pans without crowding them. 

While regular kitchen cabinets require work with the space available to ensure that the products fit, custom cabinets allow for storage to be included for special purposes. 

Adjusted to the Height:

It could be difficult for a very short or tall person to work efficiently with standard kitchen cabinets. With custom cabinets, such issues won’t arise. Everything, including cabinetry, will be up to the desired standards. 

Additionally, kitchen cabinet designers can recommend the correct cabinet dimensions that work best for one’s height. People with short height and other disorders are recommended to opt for shorter cabinets than the average ones. It makes access to all appliances and supplies easier.

On the hand, higher counter levels and additional storage near the ceiling may be an excellent proposition for a family of taller members. As they are conveniently accessible, one can put more storage up top and have more counter space. 

Source Eco-Friendly Materials:

While remodeling a home, homeowners may wish to consider green materials that are better for the environment. With custom kitchen cabinets, homeowners can select ethically sourced and made of sustainable material. 

Instead of purchasing new components, using salvaged hardware such as hinges and knobs can make sense. Non-toxic adhesive and finish will help protect the environment. 

It is essential to choose cabinets according to kitchen design in Ann Arbor and Plymouth, Michigan. Consult cabinet experts for advice and suggestion and get the right cabinets for the kitchen. 

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