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Posted by CFSJetsNC on August 11th, 2022

Looking for a private jet to buy is not an unnatural desire anymore. On the contrary, many business entities and diehard flying fans aspire to rule the skies today. Standing for hours queuing up at a commercial airport is not suitable either. On the contrary, most busy executives and corporates, as well as leisure seekers, find investing in a light private jet to be the apt solution.

Multiple options are available today, but many prospective buyers hope to spend their money on the best Phenom jet for sale. Manufactured by the Brazilian company Embraer which is known to produce a variety of suitable aircraft, the Phenom 300 or 300E remains exceedingly popular and has many takers for both old and new jets.

Interestingly, the Phenom 300 series is in operation in more than 39 countries now, with many more nations eager to join the ranks. Having put in nearly one million, five hundred thousand flight hours, the 300 series aircraft have been increasing their efficiency slowly but surely. While its performance remains one of the best in the chosen category, the associated technology and comfort are not something that can be ignored, either. The outcome is an increase in its popularity that has caused both Phenom 100 and Phenom 300 series to remain high in demand.

Embraer came up with the improved Phenom 300E in 2020, which is deemed to be faster and more efficient. It is believed to be the fastest jet operated by a single pilot. The triple certification earned by this improved model has grabbed the attention of the aviation industry, making it the top draw among all aspirant users.

Its speed is impressive, and individuals or organizations hoping to save travel time find the cruise speed of 464 knots with 2,010 nautical miles for five occupants a dream come true. Increased leg room and silent interiors of the cabin make t suitable for attending to work or relaxation en route to a far-off destination. The interiors are done up rather lavishly, particularly for its Bossa Nova edition. The carbon fiber accents in Ipanema sew style are an Embraer exclusive too! The piano black surfaces make it the most noticeable aircraft of the Phenom 300 series.

The modern user checking hi-tech features will not be disappointed either. An upgrade of avionics with ROAAS (runway overrun awareness and alerting system) has been added. It is heartening to learn that this is the first technology certified for business aviation. Installation of Emergency Descent Mode, PERF, predictive wind shear, FAA Datacom, and TOLD are other technological additions that cannot be overlooked.

A first private jet investor will likely be amazed by the many choices. It is advisable to contact a reputed aviation broker endorsed by the International Aircraft Dealers Association to obtain information and ensure a transparent transaction while buying the coveted jet suited to the purpose.

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