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Liquid packaging is becoming more accurate, fast and hygienic across a diverse range of industries with the advent of automatic liquid filling machines and end-to-end production lines. Companies from the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, and cosmetics industries are now realising that automatic filling systems and automatic packaging machines can allow for much higher production speeds than traditional methods. Automatic systems are more dependable in terms of accuracy, hygiene and output even for plastic or glass bottle filling.

Considerations for Liquid Packaging

Even prior to the product hitting the shelves, packaging and processing equipment must ensure that the product is free of contaminants and spoilage before consumption.

While the products are kept safe from contamination and spoilage after primary and secondary packaging, liquid products need to be protected before the packaging process itself.

It is important to make use of effective packaging systems integration to ensure that the products remain protected at all times during the packaging process. When it comes to liquid packaging lines, this includes the use of reliable liquid filling machines and the right packaging equipment designed especially for the particular product.

Nichrome’s industry-leading capabilities are showcased in its Bottle Filling Line for liquids.

Nichrome’s Liquid Packaging Solutions

Nichrome’s first technological innovation was in liquid packaging a long time back in 1977. In response to the Government’s demand for cost-effective indigenous milk packaging, Nichrome designed India’s first indigenous milk pouch packaging machine.

Nichrome offers a wide range of liquid packaging machines - including bottle filling machines, oil tin filling machines, and ghee jar filling machines - that can be used to package a diverse variety of liquids. For liquids ranging from free-flowing to highly viscous - Nichrome has innovative packaging solutions for all! Nichrome possesses decades of experience and considerable expertise in dealing with the varied properties of different liquids - whether foam-generating liquids, lumpy liquids, liquids that require nitrogen flushing, liquids that have to be temperature controlled, flammable liquids et al. Nichrome also has the ability to customise solutions as per specific client requirements.

Nichrome’s Bottle Filling Line for Liquids

The automatic bottle filling system from Nichrome is an integrated packaging solution that can pack liquids in SKUs ranging from 100 ml to 200 L.

This automated bottle filling system has a diverse range of applications including food and beverage liquids such as flavoured milk, water and buttermilk, soft drinks, energy drinks; non-food liquids such as shampoo, perfumes, handwash; oil and viscous liquids such as ghee, ketchup, chocolate sauce etc.

Being an efficient integrated system for bottle filling and packaging, Nichrome’s bottle filling line includes the following components:

  • Turntable
  • UV Sterilisation Chamber
  • Automatic Bottle Filling Machine
  • Cap Feeding Elevator
  • Rotary Bottle Capping Machine
  • Induction Sealer
  • Labelling Machine
  • Date and Batch Coding System
  • Packing Table

Key Facets of Nichrome’s Bottle Filling Line for Liquids

  • Safety device that prevents spillage or dripping of liquids if there is no bottle in the line
  • Effectively automated bottling process with automatic cap placing, pressing and screwing features offered
  • A multipurpose filling line that can fill a variety of container/bottle types including Glass, HDPE, PP bottles and Metal tins
  • SS304, SS3316, and MS painted machine constructions offered
  • Precise and accurate line controlled by PLCs
  • Designed for fast changeovers of different bottle sizes
  • Easy control and operation with digital LCD touchscreen display and settings
  • Interlocks for rotary parts in the safety enclosures to prevent accidents
  • Numerous bottle sterilization and cleaning options for packaging highly delicate liquids
  • Versatile range of SKUs without needing to change parts
  • High accuracy and speed with fast cutoff options
  • No wastage or spillage with drip-free filling


Nichrome was the pioneer in milk pouch packaging machines in India and is now the country’s foremost automatic filling machine manufacturer.

Nichrome has been at the leading edge of next-gen packaging technologies since its development of India’s first indigenous milk packaging machine in 1977. Nichrome is a brand that is trusted for its illustrious legacy of pathbreaking innovation, comprehensive domain knowledge and top-notch manufacturing prowess in packaging systems.

As a collaborative packaging machine manufacturer, Nichrome has a strong belief in working with customers to understand the challenges and requirements of the product they wish to package. Nichrome’s admirable portfolio of integrated packaging solutions includes box packaging machines, carton packaging machines, powder filling machines, flow wrap machines, tin packaging machines and tin filling machines among many others. Its global presence has been built on the platform of its potent in-house R&D and manufacturing capabilities.

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