Two wheel scooter evaluation: clever wind follow one's inclinations

Posted by koowheelscooter on May 30th, 2016

Koowheel electric self balancing scooter with easy riding and flexible operation etc., nowadays it become many people’s outdoor recreational equipment. Compared with the traditional roller, skateboard scooter and other recreational way, easier handling and interest sex, etc. For mini smart scooter, however, its interior is equipped with power system, balance system, security system and so on has content of higher science and technology, has a cool appearance, superior performance, moderate price of products will become the darling of the market, such as we tested the Koowheel S3604 - B for everyone, this two wheel self balancing scooter, this is a the electric unicycle which have many characteristic.

And learning unicycle, it is very difficulty for many new entry-level enthusiasts, don't feel free to say you can play.

Today bring you a 2 wheel self balancing scooter that don’t need you own too much technology. Koowheel Dual Wheels Self Balancing Electric Scooter driving test will be a little different?

Koowheel electric balance scooter using corrugated packaging, packaging has the character such as environmental protection, light quality, intensity, nowhere not show its strong motivation and superior trafficability.

Because protection product USES lots of plastic foam, although the product packaging is bigger, but who doesn't want to take it intact, packaging absolute reliable and conscience, the industry out of the can specification, power adapter, remote control keys, handbag away.

Now take off the bubble directly to the board, is the first person, full of fashion breath, science and technology feeling, no fashion appearance is how to capture your heart, beautiful is the most basic requirements.

Koowheel smart balance scooter provides more rich color and pattern choice, can meet the needs of different consumers, compared with other two car wheel balance, Koowheel self balance board is a equipped with a 10 inch large diameter wheels, is both flexibility and stability, has a better performance, split open a case can be used than support bar two balanced car convenient many, small and light body, its weight only 15 kg, go where you want to go, convenient store when not in use, out of the box went outdoors, it is not a product of the stay in the studio.

10 inch wheels is big size in the balance car field, is not only big and there are vertical and horizontal groove, the trafficability is better than general balance scooter, because more stable but also increase the comfort level.

Koowheel balanced car S3604 - B can also be used on rainy day , because install tire shield rain barrier-free trial, rainy days don't wet shoes.

Foot is soft silicone non-slip, such benefits, one is using silica gel silica gel below contact more sensitive to reflect your feedback more quickly, the second is increased more comfortable riding experience, soft silica gel has better effect of suspension. For more information, please visit