Smokeless Inhaler: Boon or Bane?

Posted by Brett Nguyen on May 30th, 2016

Smoking has become a worldwide phenomena and quitting has become universal. Every chain smoker feels guilty of smoking, but yet again can’t stop seeking guilty pleasures of just one last cigarette. The stress of competitive lifestyle has led to such habits which might feel relaxed for some time but has fatal effects in the long run. It is a basic human psychology to find substitutes and now to curb the side effects of inhaling tobacco our scientists have introduced Smokeless Inhalers. These inhalers will fulfil the body requirement of Nicotine without inhaling and exhaling tobacco and thereby exposing the body to cancer, lung diseases, dementia and many other cigarettes induced diseases.

Smokeless inhalers or to be precise Electronic cigarettes are the liquefied nicotine that emits nicotine in the form of vapors and gives the same effect as smoking but without tobacco. According to a report, these smokeless inhalers have reduced the 40million smokers of America by 10% as a result of consumption of smokeless inhalers. The consumption of smokeless inhalers has surely led to reduction of pollution even though it is slighter. But the real question are these inhalers boon for the chain smokers or yet another dangerous addiction?

Smokeless Inhalers are battery operated electronic cigarettes that are not required to be burnt. These electronic inhalers are made of liquid called propylene, nicotine, glycol and flavors like mint, watermelon that will give the experience of smoking to the sensory organs without any side effects of tobacco. But as it is said, “Excess of everything is bad.” These Nicotine based inhalers can also be dangerous as the nicotine is also a byproduct of tobacco and over usage of Nicotine based inhalers may lead to another addiction that can have lethal effects. The over consumption of Nicotine can be poisonous not only to adults but there has also been cases where children have by mistake consume the cartridge containing nicotine resulting in catastrophe effects. So buy an electronic cigarette online where one can choose their own personalised brand from the lot at affordable prices. One can also enjoy e-cigs in the form of e-juices, a refined version of e-cigs which are available online for sale.

Undoubtedly, these smokeless inhalers have benefits like it is odourless; there is no emission of carbon mono-oxide, it does not consist of tobacco. It is a boon for chain smokers who consume 3-4 packs a day, so enjoy the joint in your office by purchasing electronic cigarette online and getting delivered wherever you want. Our body becomes used to the dose of tobacco and it is a very difficult process to get rid of the sensations produced by the cigarettes. It is important for family members to support and encourage the smoker to be patient and persistent in his efforts to quit smoking. It is a giant step in a way to get rid of tobacco smoking by adapting smokeless inhalers. Now, when you feel energized by using smokeless inhalers, imagine how the life will be when there is absolutely zero amount of nicotine in your system. So, even though smokeless inhalers are the boon for heavier smokers, it should also be consumed in moderation.

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