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Posted by Ambi garg on August 12th, 2022

Now that it's 2022, the corporate landscape is drastically different from what it was a few years ago. Things might change even more drastically in a few more years. The future? As always, there are no restrictions on how quickly things can change. You can understand why someone might ponder if an MBA is worthwhile. Still? By the time you graduate, won't the world have changed?

Management programmes at the best MBA College in Dehradun place an emphasis on the quality of management education by paying close attention to knowledge application, self-awareness, problem-solving aptitude, and decision-making abilities. This Management and Commerce course includes a variety of critical skills that will undoubtedly open the door to new opportunities for students.

 MBA program from SoMC at DBUU

The Master of Business Administration programme offers a superb synthesis of leading-edge research, theoretical understanding, and exposure to the business world, enabling students to become familiar with the modern corporate landscape. Students can master management skills through the program's rigorous curriculum and build a portfolio of experience through various internships and real-world learning opportunities.

The School of Management & Commerce programmes place a strong emphasis on knowledge application, self-awareness, problem-solving aptitude, and decision-making skills in order to improve the quality of management education. Another reason to enrol in the Management and Commerce programme at DBUU, one of the best MBA colleges in Dehradun, is the course's inclusion of a variety of crucial skills that will certainly open doors for students.

We'll concentrate on the most significant reasons why getting an MBA is a good idea. An MBA degree can surely be financially worthwhile! Following increases in post-graduation earning potential and job advancement, many MBA graduates find it simple to repay student loan investments.


An MBA can boost your knowledge

Earnings after an MBA degree

MBA graduates are sought after by companies across many industries. The salary paid to MBA graduates according to their field is broken down as follows:

Following your MBA graduation, you may notice some significant changes that will contribute to your learning and general development.



MBA In Marketing

7-25 Lakh

MBA In Finance

7.5-22 Lakh

MBA In Human Resource

5.25 - 8 Lakh

MBA In Business Analytics

6 - 18 Lakh

MBA In Entrepreneurship

5 -20 Lakh

MBA In Operations Management

5 -8 Lakh

MBA In Information Technology

5 - 12 Lakh

MBA In Event Management

1.5 - 18.5 Lakh

MBA In Digital Marketing

5 - 12 Lakh





Other benefits of an MBA degree are as follows:  


Updated abilities

How are you handling the technological curve? Would gain more knowledge of modern technology also gives you a competitive advantage? You must remain vigilant when it comes to updating your abilities given the speed at which business is conducted in the twenty-first century. The best MBA schools prepare you for success by teaching you the most modern techniques, methods, and technologies.



The School of Management and Commerce gained recognition. Being one of the Best MBA Colleges in Dehradun, DBUU offers a wide variety of programmes, including B.Com, BBA, and MBA, all of which are focused on transforming students into qualified professionals who can support the key management system verticals.

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