International Freight Forwarding Software: Improving Performances

Posted by tony devie on May 30th, 2016

The importance of software and technology’s constant influence in various fields today is undeniable. From sensors that help industries keep a better track of their machines to temperature monitors in research facilities, technology has made its presence felt in fields galore. There’s also no denying the fact that these influences have all been positive, and have helped companies perform better. Until now, one field that has experienced a rather small-scale technological effect is the transportation industry.

The transportation industry is one that sees constant action in the “field” with truckers driving on the road day and night to move consignments. The shipping sector is even more relentless with its work, moving freights all through the year without break. In such a field, where the work never stops there is absolutely no margin for error. This makes any help that the freight forwarders and brokers get a blessing in disguise, and this is where technology comes in as a savior. Introducing the international freight forwarding software- a reliable solution to logistics for Freight Forwarders, Brokers, NVOCCs, and 3PL’s.

The international freight forwarding software enables the above mentioned entities maintain a cost controlled operation while giving them the most advanced of technology to manage workflow and provide a complete service to their customers. It comprises of an Air Freight System module, a Sea Freight System module and a Land Freight module. Additionally, it also has an integrated cargo consolidation system that provides cargo consolidation solution for all modes of transport. All this coupled with the following benefits make the international freight consolidation system a must have when it comes to logistics:

●Increased Productivity: Helping you manage your workflow, the system helps reduce time completing every transaction.
●Improved Efficiencies: The automated processes reduce data entry. This in turn reduces transaction errors, which then also save money and revenue margins.
●Reduced Operating Costs: Online single entry processes enable improved production without need additional operators. Improved efficiency and accuracy also facilitate a reduction in costs that might have been allocated to correct errors.
●Improved Customer Satisfaction: Increased accuracy and efficiency, along with the direct access that they get helps increase the value of the services you provide. This consequently improves customer satisfaction as they experience better results.

The international freight forwarding software is loaded with features that provide such incredible benefits. With better solutions for logistics, this is a system that you should implement sooner rather than later.

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