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With the advent of modern technology, the banking sector introduced digital banking services. Digital banking services have removed the hassles faced during traditional banking. With the recognizable improvements in the banking sectors, the customers have got a lot of relief and flexibility to do banking as per their convenience.

There is something that every customer must be aware of and must always know the basics of banking tips and information that we intend to pass on in this blog. 

Here, today we will understand what a CIF number is in a bank passbook and its importance to every customer. CIF number basically means Customer Information File Number (CIF Number) which is technically speaking, an 11-digit number and is printed on every customer’s bank passbook. A CIF number in a bank passbook carries all the important banking details of the account holder that they have submitted to the bank while opening this account. 

Every customer account has a CIF number that is maintained on a computerised file which contains the customer’s pertinent personal information as well as your account information by the bank you are dealing with. CIF is backed with a unique number pertaining to each bank customer only.

Now, let’s get into details for the CIF number

Every bank provides a unique CIF number to its customers and every bank maintains their unique set of CIF numbers.

How can one find the CIF number?

  • Open the front page of the passbook and search for the CIF number that gets printed on the very first page of the passbook of every customer
  • Open the front page of your chequebook and search for the CIF number printed on the very first page of every customer cheque book. 
  • Even in the internet banking services using your User ID and Password you can get your CIF number
  • You can also get the CIF number printed on your account statements that you receive periodically
  • Need to know your CIF number, give a call to your bank’s customer care number and they too shall provide it if needed by providing your account details as demanded by the customer care executive

Hope you understood what a CIF number is? Bank creates a Customer Information File (CIF) Number, which contains all the information about the customer/company related to details such as personal information, address proof, account number, transaction history, loan details, and everything about him in a digital format.


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