Things to Know About Mueller Braces and Supports for Knee Arthritis Patients

Posted by Gale Freeman on August 14th, 2022

Mueller braces and supports for knees can be of significant benefit for people with osteoarthritis. Knee arthritis is very common, with nearly 20 percent of U.S. residents age 46 and older dealing with the problem. Qualified healthcare practitioners can recommend the most appropriate support devices for patients with varying degrees of discomfort and activity levels. It's important to choose the right equipment to achieve satisfactory results.

Examples Patients Experience

For instance, some patients occasionally have the sensation the knee is about to buckle. This makes them nervous about taking walks or participating in other physical activities. Another person never experiences this sensation but develops significant pain when playing tennis or taking long walks. Joggers and runners want to continue these pursuits and must learn which knee braces and supports are best for that goal. Overweight individuals may need a different support device than those who are lighter.

Proper Sizing

The equipment also must fit properly to be effective and comfortable. The person needs a precise measurement of the joint for many of the products available. Some, though, are essentially intended as one size for all. That kind of product will still have a range making it unsuitable for people with much larger legs than average adult. This could be due to excess weight or substantial lean muscle built up around the knees.

Product Types

Compression sleeves are soft and can help prevent pain by increasing blood flow to the joint and making it warmer. The devices are even useful for people without arthritis for recovering from intense workouts. Rigid braces are better for stabilizing the knees. They also hold the joint components in place during injury recovery.

Some men and women have jobs that require being on their feet all or most of the workday. Some stand in one place much of the time, while others move around throughout their shift. Nurses and nursing assistants, custodians, assembly line workers, and printing press operators are examples. These workers may benefit from wearing rigid braces. They should look for a breathable design that includes sufficient padding for comfort.

Staying Active

Without proper treatment and support equipment, people with knee arthritis may become sedentary and lose the advantages of regular exercise. Being sedentary is a risk factor for weight gain and a range of health problems. Without continuing to maintain leg strength and flexibility, these individuals are at greater risk of injury when they must be active.

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