Consultancy Offers Surefire Solutions to Turbo-Charge Auto Shops’ Success

Posted by Marketer's Center on August 15th, 2022

Wichita Falls, TX – If your auto repair shop requires a major boost on the business front, then Chris Cotton is the man to wheel in, fix out the problems, and super-charge your way to a better life.


Chris, of AutoFix Auto Shop Coaching, is not just any business solutions fixer, but he has gotten his hands dirty in the trade, owning and running successful auto repair shops. Now he is using his own experiences to help similar businesses to stay on the right track.


“I am not the be all and end all of better business, but what I do have is a tremendous amount of experience and can make any auto repair business better,” said Chris, of Wichita Falls, TX.


Whether you are already successful and want to take your shop to the next level or your doors are about to close, Chris will offer support and solutions that guarantee success.


He added: “My goal is to teach you what you didn’t know, and implement these new ideas so that you can successfully run your shop forever. I provide an experienced, unemotional perspective of a business, one not clouded by the day-to-day clutter.


“I give you a person to be accountable to and a sounding board to bounce ideas off. I help you take control of your business, rather than your business controlling you and your life.”


Chris will analyze the business and outline the necessary changes needed to make to help you succeed. He assured: “We work together as long as the business owner sees value in what I provide and they are getting results.”


Importantly, AutoFix Auto Shop Coaching has proof that its approach is working to help small businesses get on a better track with a series of positive testimonials.


Brent Lawyer, commented: “AutoFix and Chris’s team provided eye-opening advice about how successful shops all over the country operate. As a small family-owned business for over 30 years, we were in a silo about how the shops outside of ours worked. 


“We were always afraid that we couldn’t afford a business coach, but we found Autofix to be very affordable and paid for itself within days of starting.” 


Lauren Griffith added: “Our journey began with a plan to build a new auto shop from the ground up. Chris’ wealth of experience and expertise was invaluable to us as he provided absolutely everything we needed to succeed.


“Chris’ plan was not just a standard out-of-the-box formula to start a shop. Instead, he worked with us to develop a tailored plan specifically for our area and market and gave us the tools we needed to carry it out”


So if you want to rescue your business from potential closure, or help take it to the next level, contact Chris at: (940) 400-1008, or email: Additionally, view his scope of services at



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