Top Features of Doordash Clone Script To Build Food Delivery App

Posted by Kishanth on August 17th, 2022

Doordash Clone Script: Every day multiple companies have tried to update themselves with new technology like automation, drone delivery and more. And these factors are increased the demand of food delivery services in recent years.

Today, most of the entrepreneurs and restaurant owners have talked about the usage of Doordash clone script. Because you can easily start your food delivery service from scratch to enter into the food delivery industry with advanced features of these clone script.

Doordash clone script is the best platform for on-demand food delivery service. It has top features and benefits to make both successful entrepreneurs and restaurant owners prefer this clone app.  

What is doordash clone script?

Doordash clone script is online food delivery platform that serves the needs of restaurant owners, customers and delivery partners by connecting all in one single platform. Our doordash clone script to build white-label food delivery app. Here, your customers can explore many advanced and important features to order their favorite food online and delivery partners deliver the food to the customer’s doorstep with real-time tracking features. 

Here, restaurant owners can boost their online presence by offering quality delivery services and this helps you to sustain trusted customers for a long time.

Top features of doordash clone script

Your customer need to experience lots of functionalities and features while browsing on your food delivery app. Not only that adding new advanced features help your customers to feel good and comfortable while ordering food online from your app. 

Foodtro develop the doordash clone script with customers attractive features are following:  

  • Simple login
  • Modern dashboard
  • Advanced search
  • Responsive food listing
  • Promo code management
  • Geo location search
  • Smart payment interface
  • Timely deliver the food
  • Customer reviews

Simple login

Having a simplified login or signup make your customers feel simple when they register in your food delivery app. Foodtro offer the doordah clone with social media login option that helps your customers to share their thoughts with relatives and friends, etc.

Modern dashboard

Here your food delivery app has connected all restaurant owners, customers and delivery partners in one single place. So, that is very difficult for the admin to maintain and manage all the data in your app. To make it easy, with modern dashboard offered by foodtro.

Advanced search

Customers can feel very comfortable when you offer a hassle-free browsing system using doordash clone app. This feature allows customers to use both automatic and manual search options based on location, prices rang, category, popularity, etc.

Responsive food listing

Usually, customers are eager to search many different delicious dishes on the restaurant menu. As an admin you can showcase your food listing in front of them. While adding more food items to your listing, there will be a lack of performance in the food delivery app.

Promo code management

Providing an special coupon code can boost your earns and orders in food delivery service. To send coupon code to your customers, you need to come with promo code management features from this doordash clone app. By using this feature, customers can get engaged with your food delivery services.

Geo location search

Customers like to search restaurants based on their nearest location. To meet this benchmark, you need to combine this real-time tracking system into your food delivery app. This helps customer to search for geo-based restaurant they need.

Also real-time tracking helps customers to know the estimated time of deliver for ordered food items from your services.

Smart payment interface

Customer can choose which payment methods need for their food delivery service. This is very comfortable for customer while using your food delivery app. The payment gateways like credit, debit cards, cash on delivery.   

Timely delivery the food

Customer always expects your brand to keep up the promised delivery time. If not, your customers simply move forward to others. To meet your customer’s expectations, you need to combine Google maps using doordash clone app. This allows your delivery boys to deliver ordered food within a given time.   

Customer reviews

Allow your customers to share their own experience while using your food delivery app. This makes your brand a reputable one. For that, you need to add rating and review system in your food delivery app. using this you can collect feedback from your customers and delivery partners.


I trust you have got a great idea about the features of a food delivery app from scratch. Doordash clone script with advanced features from foodtro is the best platforms to meet the food delivery needs of both customers and entrepreneurs.

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