How Thermoplastic Composite Materials Are Being Used In Different Industries?

Posted by Michael Luis on August 17th, 2022

Thermoplastic composite materials are used in many industries for their excellent properties and cost-effectiveness. Thermoplastic refers to the ability of a material to return to its original shape after deformation when heated again.

These materials can be processed using standard injection molding machinery with minimal modification. Even though thermoplastic composites have been used in different parts of the world for several decades, they are still being researched by many because of their excellent performance and low maintenance costs. Let’s learn how thermoplastic composite materials are being used in different industries.

•    Automotive industry

Vehicles and transportation systems use thermoplastic composite materials for fuel tanks, exhaust systems, and undercarriages to increase the life of their products. The composites used are based on polyetherimide (PEI) and polyester, which are strong and durable materials.

They can also endure different weather conditions and temperatures. The PEI and polyester make excellent thermal barriers that prevent condensation that can cause corrosion on the inside of the fuel tank. Combining these materials with different resins and fibers, thermoplastic composites can be used for other parts of a vehicle like the dashboard, door panels, and seats.

•    Defense and military industry

The defense and military industries use thermoplastic composite materials for helmets, aircraft parts, and other structural components of military equipment. These composites are made with high-performance plastics such as PEI, PE, PA, and PBT.

These materials are strong enough to withstand the vibrations and impacts during flight and ground operations. They are also lightweight enough to be used in aircraft and helicopters. They are used for a variety of applications and components.

•    Electronic and electrical industries

Thermoplastic composite materials are used in the electronic and electrical industries for power transformers, switchgear, circuit breakers, and other components. They are used because of their excellent thermal, chemical, and mechanical properties.

The most common composite materials used in the electronic and electrical industries are PEEK, PA, PPS, and PEI. They are widely used in switchgear and electrical components because they are highly resistant to chemicals, oil, acid, and alkaline conditions. They can also be used in high-temperature environments because they are flame retardants and conduct electricity.

•    Aerospace industry

The aerospace industry uses thermoplastic composite materials to make airframe and fuselage parts. The main application of these plastics in the aerospace industry is in thermal barrier coatings TBCs. They are used to protect the fuselage and wings of the aircraft from extreme temperatures.

The aerospace industry uses composites to make TBCs because of their excellent thermal properties. They also have a high melting point and X-ray shielding properties, which makes them ideal for protecting the aircraft from high temperatures.

Thermoplastic composites are used in many industries because they are strong, durable, and lightweight. They can withstand high temperatures, are resistant to chemicals and wear, and are easy to process. The variety of materials used to make these composites make them ideal for many applications. From electronics to aircraft, they are used in many products and are improving the quality of life.

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