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Posted by Danyking on May 31st, 2016

Hello, all Neverwinter players. You must have played in dungeons. What is your feeling? Here Safewow offers a few advices on how to play well in dungeons especially for new players. For cheap Neverwinter Astral Diamonds for sale, Safewow is your first and best choice.

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1.Be fast before the group of small mobs gets close to the bridge
You should have jumped on your mount and aggro. Not everything people do is retarded. The mobs have a patrol route there. You need to be fast before the group of small mobs gets close to the bridge. So you jump on the big golem, ride to the right, aggro the two golems, and jump on the patrolling mob group to stop them. And then you have three big golems that are the easiest to kill. All of them are just at the entrance to the boss. So you don’t need to run around looking for anything.
2.Tank should lead and set the pace
You must be clear that the tank should lead and set the pace. Tanks have the best CC management in the game by controlling aggro. It is their job to concentrate the mobs in one place for the DPS to easily dispatch them. And yet there are various tanks that run behind and try to tank every single trash mob they see, instead of aggroing and pulling to the rest of the group of mobs. Extremes are not good in any case.
3.Use chat to tell who will aggro and who will kite
You can use chat and tell so that everyone knows who will aggro and who will kite. If you see someone rushing and dying, just stick with the other three people in your party.

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