Top 15 Mobile App Development Frameworks in 2021 and Beyond

Posted by James Smith on August 18th, 2022

One common question that revolves in the thoughts of the app developers is ‘What is the right framework for mobile app development?’ and that is exactly what we are here to discuss in this article. It has been a while since the first set of frameworks were introduced in the tech world and today there are numerous mobile app development frameworks.

The doubt arises when it comes to choosing one of the best frameworks for your mobile app in this pool. Quite often, the app developers need to transform an iOS application into an Android application. So it becomes crucial to choose the right frameworks which enable them to convert an application in one ecosystem into another. The purpose of choosing any of the cross-platform mobile app development frameworks is to make the work of an individual developer or a mobile app development companies, easier and the experience much more flexible.

Which Frameworks Are Used For Mobile App Development?

Without further delay let us look at the top 10 Most Popular Mobile App Development Frameworks comparison for 2021 and beyond

1. Adobe PhoneGap

The PhoneGap framework for mobile app development platform enables people to see changes instantly. Moreover, it is a cross-platform development framework which allows app developers to develop in Javascript, HTML5 and CSS. This is the reason why it is one of the first choices for those developers who are interested in building hybrid apps.

The apps that are developed using Adobe PhoneGap not only ensures high-quality performance but also allows mobile app developers to develop apps without any hardware limitations. Other than the usual Android and iOS platforms, it can develop apps for Windows, Blackberry,  Mac OS, Ubuntu and Firefox OS. Additionally, the developers can extend its functionality by adding plugins that are associated with this framework.

2. Ionic

One of the Best Mobile Development Framework 2021, Ionic is the best framework for mobile app development software and also it’s free. It is quite popular among the app development frameworks. Ionic is basically a front-end network, which helps to build native-like mobile apps with HTML, CSS3 and Javascript. It works in an optimized manner on the latest mobile devices available and provides the best possible environment for the app to hit the market in the desired way.

An Ionic market is an online place where templates and projects developed by other developers can be downloaded. The Ionic lab components make sure that you test your app in the most popular among the platforms, Android and iOS.

The mobile app development platform has other advantages such as working with a powerful SDK called Angular. Because of its ability to build native like mobile apps, Ionic is a great framework for PWA development. It works well in combination with PhoneGap, and Cordova projects along with the accessibility of efficient core architecture, fitting simple to complex types of apps.

3. Xamarin

Xamarin is owned by Microsoft and is based in San Francisco. With the help of C# codebase, app developers can use Xamarin tools to develop for Android, iOS and Windows apps. These codes can be shared across multiple platforms including Windows and Mac OS.

In fact, it is also one of the 5 Must-Try Open Source Mobile Web App Frameworks, even when the React Native vs Xamarin comparison is in the picture.

4. Intel XDK

Intel XDK is a cross-platform mobile app development framework for every app store. It helps you build apps with plugins, responsive apps, interactive apps and web services for any device. This best framework for mobile apps helps developers with development, testing, emulation, debugging and finally publishing the app. They have been making developments in the framework lately and now they have software support for IoT apps and Node.JS.

Intel XDK provides you with a live preview of the changes you are making while app development. There is also an option of drag and drop to create apps which is easy although it does create numerous unnecessary codes.

5. React Native

React Native is one of the best frameworks for mobile app development and is giving competition to Xamarin and Native Scripts. It was developed by Facebook and is used by Airbnb, Instagram, Tesla, Walmart and many other Fortune 500 companies. It uses the same UI building blocks that Android and iOS development framework does. This is why it becomes difficult to differentiate between an app built using React Native and an app build using Objective-C.

There has been debates on React Native vs Ionic quite often since both are top preferred frameworks. But one of them is more liked. Because of its rich UI, React Native framework gets so much attention by the developers. It helps you build an actual app with great performance using JavaScript framework which has changed the scenario of the development world.

6. Flutter

Flutter came unannounced and made its place as one of the best hybrid mobile app development frameworks. What makes Flutter app development software unique is that it uses 2D rendering engine known as Skia to create visuals. These visuals are made to look like Material Design and Cupertino style widgets but in reality, they are not. The framework allows ease of testing to developers without restarting the project if any error occurs.

Flutter, even though backed by Google is not just a Popular Android App Development Frameworks for Mobile Apps it is also for iPhones. This framework lets you build cross-platform apps for iOS and Android that can be run on any device. It uses the programming language, Dart.

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