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Posted by lowes Emily on August 18th, 2022

D2R Items Resurrected's Public Test Realm (PTR) was the first to test the new version of Patch 2.4 from January 25 through February 9.A second Version of Patch 2.4 with more changes to Uber Diablo, classes, mercenaries, and more will be released on March 2.Not only has the game already sold more than 10 million copies and sold well over 10 million copies, it's also discussed with many video game players and some are even celebrities. One celebrity who seems to be obsessed about the games is rapper and musician Post Malone. While Malone might be enjoying his time within The Lands Between, he says that he's not able to engage in Elden Ring unless he turns the game's in-game music off.

On the latest episode on Hot Ones, Post Malone was asked about his passion for video games, and specifically in relation to music. In the response, Malone asked host Sean Evans if he had been taking part in Elden Ring for himself.

Evans said that he hadn't previously played, which led to Malone suggesting the game. But, despite this suggestion, Post Malone explained that it is his responsibility to switch the music off when playing Elden Ring because it stresses his body too much.

"I change the music to the point of being completely silent [in Elden Ring] because it is absurd. It's like choirs, not of angels, [but of demons. And they're like, It's impossible to remain alive," Post Malone said about the soundtrack to the game. "After fighting, I'm like shaking so much that I'm forced to leave and D2R Ladder Items Buy, and I'm thinking"I'm trying to calm down.

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