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Posted by Bob Smith on August 20th, 2022

With the progress of science and technology and the application of RFID radio frequency technology in libraries, many libraries have implemented open shelf management, which facilitates readers to borrow books, saves many intermediate procedures, and greatly saves time and labor costs. However, under the open shelf management mode, the hidden danger of book theft in libraries has also greatly increased. So, how to use RFID technology to protect Book safety

In order to strengthen the management of libraries, many libraries have begun to apply RFID as the core technology. In addition to the library, inventory and self-help borrowing and returning of books, it can also realize the anti-theft function of books.

RFID supports five kinds of anti-theft detection, such as AFI, eas, dsfid, AFI + EAS and dsfid + EAS. It exchanges data with the RFID tag manufacturer in the book through the antenna installed inside the security door, detects the state of the book and reacts, thus playing the role of anti-theft in the library.

Main characteristics:

Working frequency: 13.56MHz;

Support card reading protocol: iso15693 and iso18000-3 standards;

Installation channel width: within 80-140cm;

Working RF power: 1-8w;

Alarm record storage capacity > 100000

Storage capacity of daily traffic records > 3500

The functional advantages of electronic RFID anti-theft security door are:

1: One or more RFID tag manufacturer(click here) can be detected at the same time to reduce the book theft rate

2: No need for too many security personnel, reduce labor costs and improve the borrowing environment

3: Support two-way statistics of the number of people entering and leaving the library, so that the library administrator can understand the flow of people in the library

4: Support online and offline working modes, stable and reliable, easy to use, and can be used continuously for 24 hours

RFID Security door is an important core technology for building a Book anti-theft system. Through direct and effective anti-theft measures, it has been recognized by the vast number of Libraries in practice, and is the best solution to achieve book anti-theft.

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