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Posted by Lana Stewart on August 22nd, 2022

Over recent years, massage has well and truly exploded onto the scene across Europe. This is, in the main, due to people realizing the various health benefits associated with massage, and how it can be beneficial as part of one’s regular schedule. Here we look at some of the most popular massages in 2022:

  1.      Swedish Massage – This is perhaps one of the most common/well known and is used for a plethora of different issues. This ranges from sporting injuries, through to general relaxation and wellness. This works primarily on soft tissue, and many say that it induces calm on the receiver and can work well for general aches and pains.
  2.      Thai Massage – One of the massages that has become very popular is Thai Massage. Practiced for thousands of years, it is now gaining prominence across the Western World too. The concept of the massage is like Tantra, in that it works by clearing blockages in the body. Blockages are said to be responsible for disease and illness, and so keeping the body free from blockages, is set to promote harmony of the body and mind. This massage is generally quite energetic, and some even compare it to Yoga. This is mainly due to the various stretching positions that are implemented as part of a genuine Thai Massage.
  3.      Shiatsu – This is yet another form of therapy that hails from Southeast Asia. Shiatsu, from Japan works on finger pressure, and is also a form of therapy that can be done with the receiver fully clothed. It is used for a large range of different musco-skeletal issues, and is also said to be good for headaches, migraines, and general stress and tension.
  4.      Full Body Massage – One of the more popular options now is a full body massage. This is in fact quite a sensual form of massage, and we find that people now really enjoy a regular body to body massage London service now, just as much as any of the above massages. Although it is more sensual in nature, it can also provide many great health advantages ranging from decreasing stress and tension, through to improving general mood and well-being 

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