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Posted by Linnea Smith on August 22nd, 2022

Pursuing higher education or research study in Australia, the researchers address the research questions that are based on observations and this kind of study is known as the observational study. There is no space for the interference of the people or groups in such type of study. The study focuses on qualitative nature and further proceeds in explanatory and exploratory research.    

The observational study is commonly conducted in the field of medical science and social sciences. This type of research controls the researcher from conducting traditional experiments. An observational study is simple and easy to plan and continue the study. Finding difficulty in this type of study, you can take guidance from assignment helper.

The observational study is mainly three types:

  •         Cohort studies
  •         Case-control studies
  •         Cross-sectional studies

In this article, we will cover the points related to the conducting of an observational study.

Identify the Topic and Objective

To identify the best topic in which you are interested to continue your research study. If you are good at practical experiments, then the observational study will be the best for you. You need to figure out the need to study and set your goals. Take assignment help from experts to achieve your goals.    

Choose the Type of Observation and Technique

The next step of observational study is to find and choose the best technique for study-

  •         To perform well in the observational study, students need to observe what they want in research and start it with an open mind.
  •         Find, is there any research already conducted with observation studies?
  •         It is essential to know the people or group you choose for study should be aware of observational study areas.
  •         Prevent those things that can interfere with your result.
  •         Paying attention during the research is crucially important with taking short notes.

Set up Observational Research Study

To continue the observation study, follow the given things before the study.

Planning Is Essential- Planning helps to complete the study successfully. Give sufficient time to conduct the study with proper planning. 

Note-Taking Method- Note-taking is the best method for observation study because other methods like recording video or audio may be not suited to the participants. 

Take Consent from Your Participants- The consent of participants makes the process of observational study easier.

Carry Out Investigation

For investigation, you should choose the type of observation find the technique, and choose a time and place. It helps to conduct the observation.  

Analyze Information

Once you have finished the observation, in the next step student should note down every point or idea and consider the questions which are required for the study. You need to analyze information carefully either an inductive or deductive approach.

When the data defines in an open-ended way, it is called the inductive technique.

On the other hand, the deductive method is used to analyze whether the information supports the hypothesis or not.     

Discuss the Future Research Directions 

Commonly the observational study is exploratory in nature. It is not enough to give standalone findings. That is why the observation study can show the association.   

Advantages of Observational Studies

Here some advantages of observational studies are given below: 

  •         Observational studies can provide information on a difficult topic in an effective manner at a low cost.
  •         It allows study the subject efficiently.
  •         The observation stud is straightforward because it observes participant behaviour and utilizes pre-existing information. 


The information mentioned above will help students in conducting observational studies. Apart from this, if students have any problem with their academic writing task, they can take assignment help from an experienced Online assignment helper to complete their assignment successfully.  

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