Safety Tips While Using Acrow Props While Scaffolding

Posted by nescaffold on May 31st, 2016

However, for the props to work as they should, they must be correctly installed before use. If you install the prop in the wrong way, it won’t serve its intended purpose and may in fact become a safety hazard. Here are several tips you can rely on to make sure the props are correctly and safely installed. The guide assumes you’re using Acrow props, but these tips apply to other props as well.

Why Acrow Props?

Acrow props are telescopic, meaning you can adjust them to fit in a range of areas. Their extendable nature makes them versatile for a variety of uses. But before installing the props, inspect the entire site first. You can either do this yourself or contract a professional if you don’t know how to go about it. You need to do this to ensure you buy the right kind of shoring props regarding size and type. Certain types of props are not suitable for certain tasks because they support different loads and weights.

Also, inspect each prop manually to ensure it is not faulty. The inner and outer tubes of the prop should not show any sign of damage or wear. Once you’ve confirmed all these, you can proceed to install the props.

Installing Props to Shore Scaffolding

· If you’re not used to scaffolding, you want to hire a professional to install the props. Like you have to consult a mechanic if your car develops problems, you want to consult a professional to ensure the props are installed correctly and safely before you let people on the scaffolding.

· Secondly, make sure the surface on which the prop mounting is installed is stable. The surface must be solid enough to support the prop and the weight carried by the prop. Remember, the prop transfers the weight of the scaffold, equipment on the platform and the people working on the scaffold. The surface must be stable enough to handle the weight.

· The third rule is never secure cables of any type to the platform. Take for example securing a drill’s cord to a prop. If a person jerks on the cable, it can destabilize the prop and the entire scaffolding.

· Lastly, never overextend your shoring. You should never exceed the recommended weight for the props. If you do, the chances are that the entire structure will buckle and collapse as a result of the extra weight.


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