Top 7 Node.js Development Trends That You Need To Know

Posted by Vasundhara Infotech on August 24th, 2022

Everyone is searching for trends in their respective field in this modern world.

Businesses are one of them. They are developing their products or software with the trends in the development market (which comprises new tools, technologies, frameworks, and platforms).

Choosing the right platform for application development is the most essential task for developers.

Node.js is a cross-platform for the development of real-time data processing applications. It is becoming the first choice of many developers because it allows them to work on the client-side and server-side with the same language.

What is Node.js?

Node.js is an open-source development platform built on Chrome's JavaScript runtime environment for designing fast and scalable network applications.

It is used for applications that require a consistent connection between the browser and the server. Node.js develops real-time applications, for example, chat, news feeds, web push notifications, and many more.

Why use Node.js?

Node.js is incredibly becoming popular for the development of web and mobile applications. Here, are some significant advantages it will offer you. Let’s have a look.

  1. Scalable for modern applications

  2. Great community support

  3. Easy to learn

  4. Reduces development time and loading time

  5. Easy customization available

So, are you ready for application development with Node.js?

But, how you will get the right concept for application development? Here, you can find them.

Node.js Development Trends in 2022

Leading trends in Node.js will help you to choose the right concept for your development projects. Check out the most useful Node.js trends.

1. Rise of MEAN/MERN Stack

MEAN (consists of MongoDB, Express, Angular, Node.js) and MERN (consists of MongoDB, Express, React, Node.js) both stacks are used for application development. They are open-source web and mobile app development frameworks that allow users to create complicated applications with ease.

MEAN is a JavaScript stack that is free and open-source for the development of web and mobile apps. It has JavaScript programming as well. Whereas, the MERN stack makes the task of navigation between numerous frameworks easy.

MERN stack can be taken as one of the parts of the MEAN stack. For instance, Netflix and PayPal are the most well-known applications, which have used these stacks in the development process.

2. Real-Time apps

Node.js introduced a new type of application for different online activities. It creates amazing user-engagement applications with a set of useful features and advanced speed. The addition of social media, server presence, exchange of stocks, chatbot media, and many other useful features are best executed on the Node.js platform.

Real-time applications provide great application performance and an enhanced smooth customer experience. The most useful categories for app development on the Node.js platform are e-commerce, group video calling, online gaming, instant messaging, document sharing, and voice-over-internet protocol apps.

3. Serverless Architecture

Node.js is a well-known platform for serverless architecture applications. It offers an application with no hassle of maintaining the servers.

A serverless architecture reduces the dependency of an application on hardware and servers. It minimizes the development cost and enhances the developer's productivity. Code quality and greater flexibility are the significant advantages it provides. It supports users in reuse code modules for scalable software development.

Established organizations like Netflix, Reuters, and many others are working on it.

4. Internet of Things (IoT)

Node.js is the best platform for the development of IoT applications. IoT is a futuristic technology that processes tons of data, but you should have a high-speed and scalable language to use. You can easily implement better microservices, real-time capabilities, and data-centric approaches in your application. Web development trends are a great way to find the creative ideas for new application development project.

In IoT development, mechanical devices are connected to central systems that are monitored. It increases the data produced during the process and gets difficult to maintain the IoT systems. A slight inconsistency in the data changes the whole flow of the application. But Node.js platform resolves all these problems at once.

During the pandemic, IoT technology has worked as the powerhouse for development companies.

5. GraphQL

As the name itself suggests, GraphQL is a modern database structure based on graphs. In this database, data is stored on vertices and its edges work as keys. It is a quick and easy way to store and retrieve data from graph-based databases.

It is a query-raising open-source language for the APIs that works well with Node.js apps and integration with server middleware is easy. With query language GraphQL, a client can request the data they need from the server, and the server will send a JSON response to the query.

6. Microservices

Microservices enable the serverless method and are used for enterprise-level projects. It offers a wide range of benefits for app performance and debugging features.

Microservices with the Node.js platform are easy to use. It creates serverless models and ensures the development of large-scale applications smoothly. For instance, popular platforms like Facebook, Netflix, Amazon, and eBay have transformed their monolithic programs into a microservices architecture.

7. Fast and flexible app solutions

A single-threaded and asynchronous Node.js helps users to build scalable and versatile applications. Node.js enables app developers to work on multiple tasks without disturbing the progress and efficiency of others.

With Node.js  useful and important upgrades in an application are easy to create and help to reach a larger target audience. Developers can make changes to their applications without modifying the entire app foundation.


The long-time capabilities and efficiency of Node.js have made it popular in the development market. Every website development company in India and a few other countries have started building most of the applications on the Node.js platform, which is stable and scalable as well.

Node.js is the best JavaScript framework. It is less expensive therefore, any business can afford to develop their application with the Node.js platform. It is economically beneficial and has a quicker response time than any other framework.

Choosing this platform will help you to build real-time functionality, streamlines the workflow databases, and offer great solutions for leveraging real-time data. Significant stability and growth in a business are possible with trends in development sector. Node.js is a great runtime environment to develop useful applications for clients.

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