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Posted by Certified Translation on August 24th, 2022

Certified translations are one of the most valuable forms of translation today. They are useful in court cases and in official business transactions. They are highly sought after because they cannot be legally used unless they are accurate 100% of the time. This is why it's not surprising that this specialization would be a popular one for translation companies.

A certified translation is one that conforms to the legal requirements of the country concerned. It can be used in official processes and the translator takes full responsibility for its accuracy. These requirements vary from one country to the next and can include notarization, transcriptions, machine translations, and medical translations. Certified translators will know all these requirements and be able to meet them without errors.

There are many ways certified translations can be done. Many times, original documents are translated word-for-word using the most current terminology and grammar. Other times, a translator uses computer databases and manual scanning to create final documents. No matter what method is used, certified translations require that the professional translator be knowledgeable and well-educated in the areas and sectors where he or she will be performing the translation.

Certified translations can be certified at a variety of levels. The Notarized Translation Level is the most basic. This level includes notarization, transcription, and machine translation. This certification is awarded to translators who have completed intensive training in the chosen language solutions. Translators who reach this level are called Master translators. They are usually well-versed in their field and can work quickly and cheaply.

Many translation agencies offer certified translations above the Notarized Level. Translators at this level must complete specialized courses to be able to translate in a variety of situations. This level of the translator must have exceptional skills and in-depth knowledge of the industry and culture they will be working in. Even the most skilled certified translators will need to be trained to do their job correctly due to the complexity of today's medical and legal areas.

The translation company will usually perform certified translations for no charge since they are required as part of the renewal or obtaining of a license. The same applies to translations of manuscripts submitted by Elsevier, Acrobat, and Microsoft for their electronic books. This type of work often takes longer to complete. This type of work is often more costly than a typical freelance project. Translation companies charge over twenty dollars per page for each source document. However, this can vary depending on the translator’s skills and the nature of what is being translated.

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