7 Awesome Ecommerce Content Marketing Examples

Posted by Joe Mack on August 24th, 2022

Why the uproar in content marketing? Hasn't content always been centre stage? The truth is, first of all, there was only content in the sites. In fact, the content was the basis of what propelled the Internet into the most important invention of modern technology.

Ironically, even after the tech boom and the digital marketing big bang, content still has a significant impact on customers and sales. Instead of diminishing in power, the content has become more useful than ever. In the eCommerce Development process, this is a very important part.

Why Market Content?

A good piece of content you create today will live on the web forever, and eternity is long! Excellent content will continue to drive traffic, leads, and sales for years and years to come. He will continue to tour social media, generating referrals, and backlinks.

When you create and market great content, you start a chain reaction. The more informative the content, the stronger the shock wave created. It should play a role in any digital marketing strategy (if you need help, various strategy guides available).

However, you would need the right idea for such a kind of content marketing for such processes. A proper and coherent method can be useful in this case. In eCommerce marketing, this is one fundamental matter, and for attracting the traffic, one needs to work hard in this matter.

The contents can come up as the resource pages, blog posts as well as visual assets that deal outside the traditional delineation of the products and product lists. At the same time, the integration of mobile videos and apps can come up with a great solution here. The amalgamation of all these inputs made the contents all the more customer-centric and exciting to read. At the same time, they serve well in the SEO marketing field as well.

Now one should keep in mind that eCommerce encompasses any kind of online transaction; it is not about the process of selling products online. Therefore, when we are talking of the examples for eCommerce transactions, all kinds of transactions online are included in it.

Here Are The Examples That You Can Follow Now:

Angie's List

This is a viable traffic moving option that includes countless service deals coming from different sectors and industries. No doubt that they have their separate listing process, but other than that they have the content promotion ideas also to make sure that yeah site invites a lot of traffic. In their content piece Watch Manhattan Blow over 400 years they have included all the required features to attract the traffic in the right way. With multiple visuals and a unique writing style, this content has from up to one-way superior nature of presentation in a specific way.


When you are going for the over the top examples of content marketing in eCommerce, then they might be the right option for you. The contents of Proflowers included 151 types of flowers as well as the relevant images, mentioning zones and weather and so many things according to danger it might be a little bit then be. Still, the content is not above the average blogs feeling up to the increasing requirement for information, as a result of that their website was visited 17000 times in one month organically and share block than particles are indicated more than ever.

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When you are going for eCommerce and Sass both, then this example might be the right option for you. In the present case, this website is full of contents that are completely relevant, linked with sources, and answers the queries that everybody has. Among the different blogs and articles that are there, the one that is standing out is the post What is a marketing plan. The report includes all the relevant templates and pictures as well as links. The 55% of organic traffic the site has from the blogs and posts, and they are inviting almost half of the traffic presently.


In utilizing the full potentiality of the blogs, this one might be the best example that you can follow. The blogs have helped this eCommerce site so much that they invite a full 69% of the organic traffic.  Beardbrand has fully committed to the power of the blog. So much so that their blog posts account for a complete 69% of their organic traffic! These numbers are enormous. With their #1 blog post, How to Grow a THICK BEARD, they have been able to invite 16000 visits in a single month. Such brand-centric posts are beneficial when it comes to proper traffic increases.

Bespoke Post

It happens to be one monthly box meant for the men who are trendy and interested in the latest fashion. One can argue that there is nothing groundbreaking in their site, but he cannot overlook the fact that the site is earning close to 100,000 visits organically every month. Their blogs are mainly direct and informative, resulting in more than 2000 and more visits per month. Such straightforward and informative blogs can play critical parts in the content blog strategies. They can be the best bets for increasing organic traffic now.

Boll & Branch

In the case of this company, standard blog posts are the key to their content strategy. However, they have some international posts. These posts invite a great deal of traffic, and this traffic is in no way ignorable. Some of the posts are delightful, offering lots of information mixed with illustrations and information. In a nutshell, the mixture of the information and the brand details make these contents interesting for the online buyers and readers. According to the survey, a full 20% of organic traffic comes from content management.

Northern Brewer

At the time when the company is selling a product that needs a lot of tasks, then the relevance of the online content spike up. In the case of brewery products, this is very true in the case of Northern Brewer that became quite true as they have come up with endless educational contents that cater to the interest of the online readers. From how to make posts to the mentioning of some of the essential parts of the whole process, the company has come up with a wide plethora of information. It has resulted in 6000 visiting per month. No wonder that their intelligent handling of the process and the perfect writing has invited such colossal traffic.

Following The Right Content Strategy

It is quite hard for eCommerce sites to find the right methods for online visits. While the other techniques offer indirect push in the number, content marketing provides more direct support in the process. The most crucial part of this process is to make the proper integration of the contents with the brands and their details. Then only the method shines out.


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