What Makes Recruiters Leave?

Posted by Local Skill on August 25th, 2022

The staffing and placement industry is notorious for high turnover rates, and it can be difficult to find and hold on to excellent recruiters over time. But in light of recent movements toward more adaptability, self-employment, and portability, this appears to be a problem that is getting worse.

Here at LocalSkill, our focus is squarely on your team's abilities and the daily contributions they make to your business. When employees leave your company, what you are truly losing is their years or even decades of experience that they no longer contribute to the success of your company.

The question then is: why are people leaving? What factors contribute to recruitment being such a fertile ground for employee turnover? And maybe most crucially, what can be done to retain exceptional recruiters for a longer period?

What we can discover about recruiters from exit interviews

If you want to understand recruiter turnover, you need to look at where people go once they leave your company, whether you do this through in-depth exit interviews or a quick talk on the way out the door.

After speaking with clients in the learning and development industry, we have found that very few of the most experienced manufacturing & IT recruiters are leaving the industry entirely. In point of fact, the majority are departing to join other recruitment agencies of comparable size, frequently at pay and commission rates comparable to their own.

These locations include a more robust culture that prioritizes education and advancement, which sets them apart. A survey conducted by ExecuSearch found that 86 percent of respondents said they would switch jobs if it meant taking on a position that offered greater opportunities for professional development.

In the meantime, the pandemic has prompted a great number of recruiters to reconsider how they spend their time and who exactly benefits from it. As a direct consequence of this, we are observing a huge rise in the number of recruiters who are quitting their jobs to launch their own companies.

These things are connected by a more fundamental requirement, one at the centre of what motivates recruiters to get out of bed in the morning. In both cases, there is a straightforward and important need.

Every recruiter aims to perform at their highest level, which can be accomplished by working in an environment that is more supportive or by forging their own route. Altering how one provides opportunities for learning and development can be quite influential in any scenario.

Excellent training for recruiters is essential for keeping employees.

For a significant amount of time, it was considered the most straightforward solution to any retention issues to provide meaningful learning and development opportunities. To keep people involved, you need to provide more than the bare necessities in a world where some degree of constant progression is taken for granted.

According to Deloitte, companies that have excellent learning cultures have participation and retention rates that are 30–50% higher than average. Creating this environment requires more than just training; it requires real, observable growth and change that your recruits can feel.

You may lay the groundwork for a culture where employees always learn new ideas and how to put those ideas into practice by providing excellent training for manufacturing, IT & pharmacy recruiters. As a consequence, your recruiters will experience observable and measurable growth, not only in terms of their thinking but also in terms of the results they achieve. And this is the sort of culture that retains recruiters for an extended period.

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