Spain Vs Germany: Footballers who will be playing their last Football World Cup in 2022 at Qatar

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The FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar is quickly approaching, and for many young players, it will be their last-ever World Cup. Footballers playing in their final Football World Cup 2022 is quickly approaching, and for many young players, it will be their first experience with the grandeur of a World Cup.

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Sergio Busquets – Spain

Busquets, who was for many years the standard reference when discussing defensive midfielders and was frequently the first name listed on the squad sheet for Barcelona and Spain, is now 34 years old and is already being gradually phased out for both club and nation. However, given that it only occurs every four years, many of the World Cup's top players may be playing in their final World Cup. The top 10 in the last opportunity are listed below.

Can he join the select club of athletes who have won the FIFA World Cup title twice despite already having one to his name? Sergio Busquets, the captain of Barcelona, apparently intends to quit the squad in 2023, according to Barcelona transfer news. The veteran's decision to join Inter Miami is beginning to look like a good one.

Transfer news for Barcelona: According to Mundo Deportivo, Sergio Busquets plans to leave Barcelona in the 2023 summer of the Qatar Football World Cup. The 34-year-old midfielder could join a Major League Soccer team called Inter Miami. Busquets rose finished Barcelona's youth programme. Since receiving his big break from Pep Guardiola, he has been a stalwart of the first team.

The seasoned Spaniard serves as one of Camp Nou's club leaders. With the Blaugrana, where he made 676 appearances and garnered numerous titles and awards, he had a successful career. Busquets, on the other hand, is in the final year of his deal with Barcelona. He recently spoke with MLS teams about a potential move next summer.

Additionally, when his contract expires, the Spanish international midfielder wants to depart Camp Nou, according to the same newspaper. The player might end up at Inter Miami, according to rumours. Busquets is in negotiations with Barcelona about a potential new deal that would reduce his salary for the upcoming campaign.

The Catalan behemoths struggle to register their new players. So, much like last year, they have requested more wage reductions from their captains, Busquets and Gerard Pique. Pique is negotiating a new contract and a lower salary with the team. Mateu Alemany, the director of Barcelona, and Josep Maria Orobitg, the agent for Busquets, discussed the possibility of a pay increase.

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The 34-year-old player will reportedly consent to have his earnings for the upcoming season of the Football World Cup delayed if they are paid in full in 2023, regardless of whether he stays with the team or not. A new deal for Busquets is currently being negotiated. He does not, however, intend to remain at Camp Nou past the upcoming summer transfer window. He prefers to relocate to the MLS.

Because of this, the Barcelona captain may depart the team at the end of the 2022–2023 season of the Qatar World Cup, even though his contract might be extended until 2024 to make the deferred payment procedure more comprehensible.

Manuel Neuer – Germany

Neuer, who is now 36 years old, feels like a player who is still relatively new even though he has been around for a very long time. Although the German is considered one of the best goalkeepers of all time, Die Mannschaft will undoubtedly have a new goalkeeper in place when the next World Cup comes around unless he continues to play until he is 40. Can Neuer become the third goalie to win the Football World Cup more than once? Only two goalkeepers have previously done so.

Former Bayern Munich goalkeeper Manuel Neuer has decided between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo as the two finest strikers of this generation. It's conceivably one of the most important discussions in football history. The debate about Cristiano Ronaldo vs. Lionel Messi's superiority as a footballer continues to enthral FIFA Football World Cup fans all around the world. Worldwide Tickets and Hospitality offers Football World Cup tickets for the Qatar Football World Cup at the best prices. Football fanatics and buy Football World Cup Tickets at exclusively discounted prices.

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The future of the Manchester United legend at Old Trafford is still up for debate this summer since the Portuguese striker is insistent about playing in the Champions League. The Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) striker will simultaneously be hoping to have an effect during the Ligue 1 champion's campaign in his second season World Cup, even as his previous club Barcelona mulls a potential comeback in 2019.

Manuel Neuer is accustomed to stopping goals, but not so much to scoring them. The German goalie, though, once used his excellent distribution to win an aerial ball and coolly tuck it past the keeper while celebrating his birthday. No, this is not an April fool’s joke; the first of April is only a few days away. A month after winning the first of his nine Bundesliga championships in June 2013, the Bayern Munich goalkeeper took the field for a charity match in the Bavarian city of Wurzburg.

The first charity, the Dirk Nowitzki Foundation, which was founded by the former German basketball player and works to ensure education, health, and well-being for underprivileged youngsters, received money from the game. The Manuel Neuer Kids Foundation served as the second charity. Child poverty is a concern for Neuer's charity. One in four kids in Neuer's hometown of Gelsenkirchen lives in poverty.

To raise money for these two deserving causes, the so-called Dirk Nowitzki All Stars and Manuel Neuer & Friends played a charity game. German A-listers Mats Hummels and Lukas Podolski played for Nowitzki, while Football World Cup champion Manuel Neuer teamed up with Ilkay Gündogan and Julian Draxler.

Nowitzki, a 7-foot basketball player, soared over the crossbar with a costly penalty as Neuer's team won a game without any defence by an absurd score of 8-7. The most impressive performance, however, came from Neuer when he jumped to win a header from the defence, kept his balance, glanced up, and calmly hit the back post.

Although Neuer spent the majority of the game playing goal, this was the perfect opportunity for him to take off the gloves and try his hand at off-field activities. His team wouldn't have won without the goal he scored. But, thank God, he immediately reverted to his place between the posts. He won the FIFA World Cup in a year and a month.

After performing Manuel Neuer-like actions, the Bundesliga record is broken for good measure. Bayern Munich's goalkeeper raced 40 yards off his line before making a precise crossfield pass during the team's 4-0 victory over Union Berlin, arguably the most Manuel Neuer moment of the season thus far.

If you've ever had the pleasure of watching Neuer over the years, you'll be familiar with his talent for letting his goal line fully slide to help his teammates. Some claim that when the 35-year-old German entered the Bundesliga, he completely redefined what a "sweeper-keeper" was.

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With his inventive, clever play, Neuer has transformed the art of goalkeeping. You don't see something like this every day, after all. The German international brings the ball to about the 40-yard line before bringing it down with his chest. He shoots a flawless pass to Lucas Hernandez at the left wing-back as he raises his head and places his reliable right foot behind the ball.

It was a time that stunned social media. One person tweeted: "Goalkeeping has been revolutionised by Manuel Neuer more than any other position. Privileged to see him perform." Someone else remarked, "Whoever doubts that Manuel Neuer is still the world’s top goalie simply doesn't watch him often." A third extra: "I don't think there will be additional Manuel Neuer again. His attendance in goal for Bayern gives them more hope and increases their confidence."

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