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Posted by seoservice1 on August 25th, 2022

However, the interesting news that confirms one of the requirements for Apple's iPhone in Japan that I previously specified, namely that the iPhone has, for compatibility with the numeric keypad standard on almost all phones, introduced a soft kana keypad. This means that to enter, for example, Apple in Japanese, spelt APPURU, instead of using a standard QWERTY keyboard to type in A-P-P-U-R-U then press a conversion key to change to katakana, you press the kana A key once, the TA key six times to cycle through TA-CHI-TSU-TE-TO-small TSU (or TA thrice then the make-small key), the HA key thrice to got HI-FU, the rendaku key (the same as the previously-mentioned make-small key, according riley reid and rudy gobert to the screenshot) twice to go BU-PU, then three RAs to go RI-RU. Finally, a conversion key allows final selection of katakana. Although this kana keyboard requires 16 keypresses instead of 7 in this example, with a much larger landing area for each key even the fattest thumbs will have no problems typing, and there will be almost no learning curve required.

Having said the above, singing the praises of their foresight, the screenshot I saw had the infamous HELLOWEEN dictionary feature that Sony-Ericsson mobiles all have! Type in HARO in Japanese, and the predictive input suggests HELLOWEEN as one of the top four choices. Indeed, the whole predictive input seemed far too keen to suggest any word that might vaguely resemble what was being typed, regardless of any weighting for the frequency of each word. Admittedly, this is still a beta but behaviour like that is not going to endear Apple's iPhone to the Japanese.

So, some small snippets of news point to some movement towards the East, but it appears that their eyes are on China; when will Japan see Apple's iPhone?

Compared to other major sporting leagues in the US, the NBA or the National Basketball Association is probably the most globally recognized. As the sport of basketball grew, so did the league. The millions of followers of the thirty NBA teams have clearly penetrated the global market and it has become evident in how knowledgeable the fans have become of the league. You can equate it to the 1992 Barcelona Olympic team or even the easy access to the net these days, but one thing is for sure: basketball is now a global sport, and the NBA is the symbol of its influence.

So with the NBA being as big as it is today, it's no wonder why a lot of people have religiously followed all the news and the information about their favorite players. They all want to get a piece of the NBA. From the LeBron's bumpgate to the impending lockout next season, everyone wants to get a piece of the action on the sidelines. So for any avid NBA fan, here are two tips for you to follow.

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