5 Great Accessories For Hiking Or Camping With Your Dog

Posted by Petslike on August 25th, 2022

If you are interested in hiking or camping with your dog, consider purchasing a Dog Ka Belt. This belt is padded and secure to your dog's leash. It attaches to the line with a D-ring for added security. If you want to use the belt for other activities, you can purchase a Ferd belt bag that attaches to it. Ferd has been developing gear for active dogs and humans since 2009. Their designs are ergonomic and functional.

Trekking belt

The Dog Ka Trekking belt is an excellent accessory for everyday walks with your dog. The padded design makes it comfortable to wear. It is also adjustable and can be used for skiing, running, and other activities. It has two convenient loops on the sides that allow you to attach a variety of items. The matching belt bag is also available for easy storage of food, a water bottle, and a phone.

The belt is available in three sizes and is adjustable around the waist and legs. It also features leg straps to hold it in the proper position and can be removed if necessary. It comes in two colors and includes reflective details and tubing.


The CaniX Dog Ka Belt is a lightweight belt that supports your dog's hips and lower back while encouraging proper running technique. Designed with athletes in mind, it is a favorite of world champion canicross racer Ben Robinson. It weighs only 280 grams and is made with a durable fabric. The belt includes a locking carabiner, which moves along the front loop of the harness and provides equal pressure on both hips.

This belt also has reflective tape. This helps your dog stand out during the dark. It measures six inches wide and 4.5 inches tall. The belt also features removable leg straps for a customized fit.


The Loype Dog Ka Belt is an innovative and technical belt that's ideal for ski touring with dogs, but can also be used for canicross racing. It's made of high-quality breathable fabric with adjustable leg straps. The belt has high-strength aluminum buckles and features an ergonomically designed storage pocket. The Loype belt also features reflective details for safety.

The design of this belt is very comfortable, thanks to the Leg Straps. The leash loop is situated close to the body, making contact with the dog smoother and easier. The belt's adjustable straps make it easy to fit it to your exact form. It also comes with a quick release snap hook, which is ideal for racing.


The Ferd Belt is a versatile outdoor dog harness with an ergonomic, cell-foam core. The belt can be adjusted and molded to fit your dog's body type and is water-resistant. It has loops for attaching leashes, dog bags, and other equipment. The belt is also made from durable hypalon-reinforced fabric and aluminum buckles for a comfortable fit.

The Ferd Belt comes in three sizes. It can be adjusted around the waist and legs, and has leg straps to keep the belt from sliding up your lower back. The belt has buckles made of high-strength aluminum and hypalon, and the reflective logo adds high visibility in the dark. The Ferd belt also comes with a small bag to store extra items.


The Martingale Dog Ka Belt is a dog collar that resembles a martingale, and is made with two loops: the "Control Loop" and the "Adjustment Loop". Depending on your dog's size, you can customize the martingale collar to fit your pet's neck. This collar signals to your dog not to pull and keeps them in a proper heel position.

This collar is ideal for everyday use and is most effective for dogs that are calm and responsive. However, it is not recommended as a training tool. While its tightening ability is useful for leash training, it can also cause your dog to become nervous and pull.

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