The reason why heat exchanger tubes are mostly round instead of square

Posted by zora li on August 26th, 2022

The seamless heat exchanger tubes is one of the elements of the heat exchanger. It has high thermal conductivity and good isothermality. It is placed in the cylinder and used for heat exchange between two media. The shape of the seamless heat exchanger tubes is mostly round. Do you know why? What are the advantages of round seamless heat exchanger tubess?

The advantages of round tubes are:

① The circular pipe is easier to achieve sealing.

As we all know, the pipeline includes many pipes, and also includes some parts, such as flanges, gaskets, bolts, etc. In the pipeline connection, the connection between the pipe and the pipe can be connected by flanges (that is, flanges, gaskets and bolts). ) Method, the gap between the pipe ends is reduced, and the flange sealing function can be better exerted, so as to ensure the smooth progress of the heat exchange work.

②The flow resistance coefficient of the round tube is small, which is conducive to the heat exchange work.

This is because in the actual heat exchange work, the fluid will suffer a lot of resistance, such as the viscous resistance to the fluid in the tube, the frictional resistance to the fluid in the tube, and the local resistance of the tube to the fluid (the fluid flows through the pipe fittings, valves and other local places due to the flow rate Resistance caused by changes in size and direction), etc.

Compared with the square pipe, the inner cavity of the round pipe is smooth and clean, forming a boundary layer, which not only enhances the heat exchange, but also improves the anti-fouling performance; if there are many turns in the pipe, if it is made into a square pipe, it will cause turning. The local resistance is too large, which increases the head of the water pump, which is not economical. The round pipe is completely different. When the fluid exchanges heat in the round pipe, it will not suffer too much local resistance, so that the heat exchange work can go on smoothly.

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