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Posted by Nichrome India Ltd on August 26th, 2022

Across industries around the globe, automatic packaging machines have been on an exponential growth path. The major reasons for this are their speed, accessibility and ease of use as well as the superior appeal of the packaging.

The filling system is a critical element of both vertical form-fill-seal machines and horizontal form-fill-seal machines. This is a component that is responsible for the accurate measurement and release of the specified quantity of the product that is to be filled in each pouch. The choice of filler is made on the basis of the product that has to be packed. Some common filling systems include the cup filler, auger filler, linear weigh filler, combination weigh filler, piston filler among others.

Being the leading provider of integrated packaging solutions, and a renowned packaging machine manufacturer, Nichrome brings to you a plethora of filling systems for diverse applications in the food, pharma and non-food segments. The filling systems are selected on the basis of the product that needs to be packed. Whether it is liquid packaging, grain packaging, snack packaging, oil packaging, sugar packaging or ready-to-eat food packaging - different products will need different kinds of filling systems.

There are primarily two basic criteria used by packagers use to determine the right filling system for their particular application:


Criteria for Choosing a Filler


Level of automation: Filling systems are designed to be integrated with automated packaging systems. They can also be configured to operate as single, semi-automatic machines, for eg, by integrating the filler with capping machinery.


To pinpoint the level of automation required for your filling system, it is important to determine the packaging rate and capacity you will require. In case of higher production levels, it may be necessary to use something like an eight-headed automatic filling machine with the option of adding additional heads in the future.

Filling process: The filling process is determined by the distinctive traits of the packaged product. A milk filling machine and a powder filling machine will need different configurations and designs. Same goes for an automatic sugar filling machine and edible oil filling machine - they will all need different kinds of fillers to operate.

For instance, gravity fillers are apt for thin and free-flowing products. Denser, viscous products cannot work just on the basis of gravity, and hence a piston filler or pump filling machine needs to be used instead.


Nichrome Range of Filling Systems

Nichrome brings with it an extensive range of filling systems for varied and diverse applications. Nichrome’s filling systems come in different filling capacities and have built-in safety features. They can also be easily integrated into existing packaging setups and offer greater efficiency, speed and versatility.

Let’s take a look at Nichrome’s range of innovative filling systems:


Intelweigh Multihead Weigher: 


●     10 weigh heads

●     Combination volume of 3000 cc

●     Ideal for granular products like tea, sugar, rice, pulses, snacks

●     1.3 L bucket volume

●     0.2 to 2 gm accuracy

●     10 gm to 1000 gm weighing range

●     Speed of 70 dumps per minute

●     Product contact parts made of SS 304

●     7-inch touchscreen display

●     Stepper motor to open and close buckets

●     Load cell weight method.


Intelweigh Combi Filler DH:


●     Aesthetically improved machine

●     Safe for users

●     Ideal for filling solid products like seeds, whole spices, grocery products, Indian namkeen etc

●     Accuracy % sd: 0.5% / 0.2%

●     Weighing range: 50 gm to 2 kg and 500 gm to 5 kg

●     7-inch touchscreen display

●     Air consumption of 0.15 CFM at 6 bar

●     Connected load/head of 0.25 kW

●     In-built safety doors and guards with machine interlock

●     Wide range of filling capacities are available


Easyfill Servo Auger:




●     Accurate, fast and efficient performance

●     Available in different finishes - buffed, Teflon coated, Nedox coating

●     Split hopper for easy cleaning and ease of changeover

●     Apt for packaging powders like spices, flours, milk powder, nutraceuticals et al

●     Filling capacity: 5 cc to 2000 cc

●     Servo-driven auger mechanism

●     SS 304 or SS316 contact parts as per product requirements

●     PTFE/Food Grade silicon rubber gaskets

●     Hygienic filler construction

●     MS powder-coated structure

●     Hopper with inner buffing and outer matt finish

●     Easy cleaning




Filling systems are critical components of packaging machines and play an important role in their efficient operation. Nichrome’s filling systems are manufactured using cutting-edge technology and feature a user-friendly design for a diverse range of applications.


Nichrome - a leading packaging machine manufacturer - is also renowned as an automatic filling machine manufacturer. Nichrome’s filling systems come with an array of filling capacities and safety features and can be conveniently integrated into existing packaging setups for increased speed, efficiency and versatility.


As a proactive packaging machine manufacturer, Nichrome strongly believes in working with customers to figure out the challenges and requirements of the product they wish to package. Nichrome’s enviable portfolio of integrated packaging solutions includes shrink wrapping machine ,bulk bag filling machine,box packing machines, carton packing machines, powder filling machines, flow wrap machines, tin packing machines and tin filling machines among many others. Nichrome’s global presence has been built on the platform of its potent in-house R&D and manufacturing capabilities.


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