Top 3 Reasons to Integrate Dynamics Map Plugin With CRM

Posted by Maulik Shah on August 26th, 2022

Managing data has become a lot easier with Dynamics CRM. Some organizations require physical interaction with clients and have sales reps’ teams for that. Now, it is obvious that client locations play a huge role in this

However, visualizing location data on a CRM is near impossible. Not having clarity can make a huge difference in the output you receive. But there is a plugin called Dynamics 365 Map that you can integrate with your Dynamics CRM. This plugin brings in a lot more benefits to Dynamics CRM users. Here are the top three reasons that explain the same. 

  • Better Visualization

The main challenge CRM users face is with visualizing tons of data. It is overwhelming to imagine the data, especially when all the marketing plans have client locations as their main ingredient. For plans to execute successfully, it is important to target the right territories. And in order to do that, the Dynamics Map plugin is the best solution.

They allow you to plot the data on the map. You would be able to see the areas with more clients, one with fewer clients, etc. You can also filter using location or other details to have more clarity. These filters can help while planning the marketing or sales strategy.

  • Route Optimization

On-field sales reps are given daily targets to meet clients. They do not have a proper route that covers all the destinations. They usually add one location to the map and visit the client. But they face issues while visiting regions that are new to them. 

Sometimes, they have to visit the same location again because they were unaware that this location was near one of the previous locations. Thus, this takes away a lot of the time of the sales reps, and sometimes they are not able to reach the meeting on time, or it’s already the end of their day, and they still have clients to meet.

But with map plugin they can have an optimized route that suggests the shortest path. The route helps them avoid traffic, toll booths, highways, road closures, etc. They can see the estimated time of reaching the location, so they do not miss the appointment. Also, this plugin helps them save a lot of time that previously went back and forth.

When sales rep spends less time on the road, they save fuel. The cost saved from saving fuel increases the profit of an organization. 

  • Monitor Appointment Timings

Whenever a sales VP tries to connect to their on-field sales reps, their first question is whether they will be busy in a meeting or not. Finding the right time to talk to their teammates and update them on something important becomes difficult. Calling them anytime might disturb them while they are in a meeting.  

However, with the map plugin, it is easy to know whether the sales rep is in a meeting or not. The sales reps have to check in when they reach the client location. The sales VP can view the sales reps’ profiles to know the status of the meeting. The sales reps can update the details of the meeting as well.  

There is one more added advantage of this feature. The sales reps can only check in when they have reached the client's location. The geofencing feature will not allow them to check in from anywhere else. This will ensure all the entries are genuine. It becomes easier to figure out the total time spent behind meetings as well as traveling by the sales reps. The organization can plan and analyze its employees' activities accordingly.


Integrating one plugin with Dynamics CRM can simplify the sales team's process. There will be more clarity in the process, and you will have digital data to take future actions. This plugin can definitely help an organization in increasing profits as it helps in planning strategies and saving extra costs. You would definitely relate to all these challenges if you have an on-field sales team. Investing in a Map plugin can be a game changer for your organization.

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